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      AHYMSIN NEWSLETTER, ISSUE - December 2015 

    Wish List 2015

    by YYCR Organizers

    [Ed: YYCR = Yoga Youth and Children's Retreat]

    “So that the Grace and the practices and the teachings of meditation in our lineage may continue into next generations and meditation may become a family-centred experience.”

    As you may already know, Swami Veda Bharati has called all of the children in our Himalayan Yoga Tradition together for another big gathering at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama December 22-31, 2015: Third International Yoga Youth and Children’s Retreat. During this retreat we will welcome children from all over the world.

    Our children truly are precious gifts of today and the future. Nothing is too much for our children; therefore we would like to offer them the best during this retreat. Please help us to realize this aspiration. In addition to your selfless seva, donations are most welcome for the following:

    Sponsor the retreat’s general fund:

    • Helps to bolster the overall success of the retreat.

    Sponsor a child’s wish to attend:

    (Rs 1100/day per child, or Rs 11000 [~ $170] for the full 10 days.)

    Sponsor a small event, gift or supply set during the retreat:

    Donations may be made at http://dhyanamandiramtrust.org/donation.php .

    Under “Remarks/Comments” please write that the donation is for the 2015 International Yoga Youth and Children's Retreat. [Note: Indians citizens residing in India can donate in rupees, but for others the donation should be made in dollars, euros, or pounds.]

    For more information or other ways to make donations: Please contact Namita Sinha at [email protected]

    Please also visit and “like” our “International Yoga Youth and Children’s Organisation” page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/International-Yoga-Youth-and-Childrens-Organisation-101125669517/

    Editor’s Note:

    For more about the International Yoga Youth and Children's Retreat, 22 - 31 December 2015, please use this link: http://ahymsin.org/main/srsg-ashram/international-yoga-youth-and-children-s-retreat-22-31-december-2015.html



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