Himalayan Yoga in Thailand

by Randall Krause (Mokshadeva)

Over the weekend days of December 19th  and 20th and again on Sunday, December 27th, I was fortunate to be in Bangkok, Thailand, having been invited to present a series of one day seminars hosted by the Ahymsin in Thailand Himalayan Yoga Center in Bangkok.

Saturday, December 19th, was the first event, and it was held at a beautiful yoga studio, Bangkok Yoga, in downtown Bangkok. Although the studio specializes in hatha yoga, the studio’s owner has a relationship with the Himalayan Center and likes to expand the horizons of her students by bringing in guests to speak of yoga beyond hatha—so she hosted this event. The room was full, with 30 to 35 students for the seminar. The topic of the seminar was the Yoga Sutras Sutras of Patanjali with a focus on the Ashtanga Yoga sutras in the second and third pada of the sutras.

The seminar opened with a question: “What is Yoga?” and went on to explain how asana fits into the Ashtanga Yoga scheme laid out in the Yoga Sutras, and how meditation is the heart of yoga.

The day included lectures, practice sessions (which included several one minute meditations),  and a very interesting question and answer period.

Thai Center leader Thaniya Kevalee expertly translated.

The second event was held in a beautiful building in Bangkok in a large auditorium. It was sponsored in association with Mor chaw baan, which loosely translates into English as “Country Doctor Association.” More than 60 avid participants were in attendance. The title of the seminar was “Yoga for Physical, Mental and Emotional Development,” and was a broad introduction to Himalayan Yoga Meditation, including both lectures and practice sessions. In addition to the talks and practicums, there was a digestive breathing session led by Sopa, one of the Thai Center members. Thaniya and Bea (a member of the Thai Center) took turns translating.

Finally, on Sunday, December 27th, the Thai Center was the venue for a day-long talk and practice session attended by both new and on-going Thai teacher training students and initiates. This was a “Himalayan Family” event, attended only by students of the Tradition. We talked about our teachers, the Tradition, and the TTP program, sang the Himalayan Tradition prayers together, and were led in a digestive breathing practice and a joints and glands and hatha practice by Thai students. Once again, Thaniya provided expert translation. This was the sweetest of the experiences for me since there was such a warm Himalayan Family feeling.

The Thai group is vibrant and enthusiastic. It was a great honor to share with them and to receive their loving, smiling hospitality.

Editor's Note:

In Thailand, Himalayan Yoga-Jhana-Kendra is an affiliate center of AHYMSIN.  Contact: [email protected]

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