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Yoga Sutras in Taipei

by Randall Krause (Mokshadeva)

Over the first weekend of 2016, I had the good fortune to visit Taipei, Taiwan, to co-present, along with Mr. Shi Hong from Hong Kong, a seminar on Practical Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, sponsored by the Taiwan Himalayan center. When the idea for the seminar was born, I imagined that nobody would come to a seminar over New Years' weekend, let alone one on the Yoga Sutras. So it was a surprise when I learned that there were about 90 participants.

The attendees ranged from those new to yoga to highly experienced and well known yoga teachers.

It was such a pleasure to share with these enthusiastic, attentive, truly delightful people. The participants were mostly women, and there several men also in attendance.

The focus for the seminar was the ashtanga yoga sutras located in the second and third padas of the sutras, with emphasis on the yamas and niyamas, which are not often taught, not often well understood, and too infrequently practiced. Francine Kuo, a teacher in the Himalayan Tradition in Taiwan, did a wonderful job of simultaneously translating my English into Chinese, and also taught hatha and nadi shodhana at the seminar. Taipei center leader Tinyu Chu and her wonderful devoted team did a flawless job organizing and pulling off the seminar.

The event was held in a beautiful room at the university that comfortably fit all of the participants.

The Taipei Himalayan Yoga community is strong and vibrant. I hope to have a chance to visit again in the future.

Editor’s Note:

In Taiwan, Taiwan Himalayan Yoga Meditation Association is an affiliate center of AHYMSIN. Contact: [email protected]

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