Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi


by Miklós Zoltai

Love is radiance, love is the perfume of your self-knowledge, love is the essence of your existence. Love is a state of consciousness. Love only GIVES, demands nothing. Love is flooding LIGHT into darkness.

Love is overflowing joy. Love is born when you have glimpsed who you are. And then there is nothing left than to share your existance with others.  Love is when you realise you are not anything else but Existence itself. If there is true love in you, you feel organic unity with all existence. Love is the manifestation of blessing.

You are love.Your real state is only LOVE. So let you flood, radiate to everyone. To love is to fulfill the purpose of our birth.

One is not in love, but is love itself, loving itself. And naturally, if one is love itself, then he loves – but this is only consequence, not the Origin. The Source is the Origin: LOVE. 

Who can be LOVE. It is obvious that if you do not know who you are, you can not be love, then you are only fear.

Fear is the opposite of love. Do not forget, that it is not hate, as people believe: hate is but love turned upside down. The real counter pole of love is fear. In love one expands, overflows. In fear one contracts. In fear you become closed, in love open. When there is fear within you you doubt, when love you are full of trust. In fear one is left alone; in love, dissolves. That is why it makes no sense to speak about loneliness in love. How can you be lonely in love? Then the trees, the birds, the clouds, the sun, all stars and the whole universe vibrates within you. In love you get to know your inner essence.

When fear is great then addiction builds up in you; you become a slave. Get to know nature, beauty, music, poems, dance and most importantly meditation.  

Little children are free from all fear – they are born so. Help them, so they can stay free from it. Help in all possible ways, so that they will be led by curiousity and thirst for knowledge. Curiousity for the unknown. Let them be interested, rather then to give them dead beliefs: so they become true lovers, the lovers of Life.

And this is real religion. There is no religion that is above love. Meditate, sing, be happy, smiling, and deepen more and more into your self. Listen to the singing of birds with more attention. Look at the flowers filled with wondering and admiration. Do not become a wiseacre, do not hang labels on things. While you are categorising, you are the artist of putting everything into boxes. Tear down the barriers of love!

Meet with people, mingle with them, with as many as possible, because all of them will show the different faces of the universe. Learn from others. Do not fear. This life, this existence is not your enemy. This Existence nurtures, supports you in all possible ways, if you open yourself to it.

Be full of trust and faith and then you will start to feel a new flow of energy within you. This energy is LOVE. This is the energy of Nature, Cosmos, the Source which blesses the existence, because living in the energy you feel you are blessed. And if you are, what else can you do but bless the whole existence which is Life, Nature, Truth, the Absolute, the final realisation of the Source.

LOVE and only LOVE is what keep alll together, melts all into harmony: this is LIFE.

Let you begin the New Year so, and continue so, while you live.

In service of the Param-para and Gurudeva:

Miklós Zoltai

President of Debrecen Yoga Association



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