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    News from Debrecen, Hungary

    by Miklós Zoltai

    We happily give news to all members of the AHYMSIN family that on the 23rd of October 2015 Debrecen Yoga Association celebrated the 30th JUBILEE anniversary of its establishment and continuous operation and the Association’s joining AHYMSIN.

    During Miklós Zoltai’s recent visit to India, on the evening of March 19, 2015, he received permission from Mahamandaleshwara Swami Veda Bharati that the Association can join AHYMSIN, and bear the name "Debrecen Yoga Association Himalaya Yoga Meditation Spiritual Center.” This is infinite joy for the Debrecen yoga community and an incredible great blessing to all practicing yoga. With our celebration we wished to express our devotion, love, and our service to Gurudeva and the Masters of the Param-para.

    Among the guests we have had the representative of the city of Debrecen, Professor H.K Baghel, leader of the Department of Indian Ayurveda of Debrecen University and illustrious leaders of yoga centers in Hungary. We were delighted that representing AHYMSIN Dr. Stoma Parker and Pandit Ashutosh Sharma celebrated with us too.

    Around 250 guests attended the ceremony. Miklós Zoltai in his ceremonial speech summed up the events of the past 30 years as follows:

    1. The foundation of DJE and its locations: I came to Debrecen from Szeged in 1985. One of my goals was to create an alternative and holistic medical centre in Nagyerdő (Big Forest) Thermal Bath together with health-care professionals. The other goal was that in the eastern part of the country, of which the centre is Debrecen, I lay the foundations of a yoga centre for the physical, mental, social and spiritual health and development of the people living in this region. So that I introduce to people and teach the classic, ancient, pure yoga as taught by great yoga Masters. The courses were held in the Spa and school gym halls.  We established Debrecen Yoga Association in 1985.
    2. Debrecen Yoga Association’s operational areas:
      1. The teaching of yoga courses were organized on the basis of the integral yoga system "Yoga: the way to life" in a I-XXX. grade school system by a specific curriculum and syllabus. The average number of participants of the courses was 200-250 people. These were held by the creator of the school system, Miklós Zoltai.
      2. Yoga Club, library, regular yoga weekends, yoga theory and practice, yogic detoxification methods (satkarmas).
      3. Yoga practice occasions in a school gym, open to everyone, free of charge
      4. Private yoga therapy, consultations, group therapy courses, eyes and vision correction, preparation for pregnancy and childbirth, mental-psycho-somatic yoga advanced courses, yoga for the visually impaired, yoga sessions for children. Sessions held by László Kőváry, Mónika Bertalan and Miklós Zoltai.
      5. We have held yoga courses, yoga weekends with lead by several yoga instructors in 19 towns in our county.
      6. Since 1985 - for 30 years, we have organized yoga summer camps in 18 beautiful places in Hungary, where visitors have come from all parts of the country. Every year our yoga camp is participated by 160-180 people, the instructors and helpers were trained yoga instructors.
      7. In 2007, as recognition of our teaching and spiritual activities Hungarian Association of Yoga Instructors donated a title "CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHING ORGANIZATION”.

    In the next part of our celebration Miklós Zoltai have read the greeting words of Swami Ritavan Bharati, in which he on behalf of Swami Veda Bharati forwarded greetings to those practicing yoga and our guests.

    The children presented their festive program titled “The Stolen Sun” led by Mónika Bertalan. The story and performance warmed the hearts of all of us.

    We inaugurated the association’s flag, in which the invited guests tied their inauguration ribbons with wise sayings of yoga literature. Dr. Stoma Parker placed the remembrance ribbon of AHYMSIN with the following quote of SWAMI RAMA: UTTISTATA, PRAPTA VARÁN NIBÓDHATA! - Awake and gain knowledge!". On behalf of the Himalayan Yoga Meditation and SRSG Pandit Ashutosh Sharma placed the ribbon with: "YOGA- AGNI KARMA DHATI - in the fire of yoga all karma is burnt".

    After this we sang bhajans together.

    As a worthy completion with the instructions of Ashutosh Sharma we practiced asanas which was followed by guided relaxation and a wonderful meditation session lead by Dr. Stoma Parker. We thank with appreciation and respect that by their participation they honoured and blessed our celebration.

    We thank GURUDEVA and the PARAM-PARA, that we could organise and participate in this celebration and we can be a home as a new centre in Debrecen as the member of AHYMSIN family.

    We would like to share our happiness and the wonderful moments with some pictures.

    With pure love, in service of GURUDEVA and the PARAM-PARA:

    Miklós Zoltai

    President, Debrecen Yoga Association

    To watch the video Debrecen Yoga Association's 30th Anniversary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUDmI7aoZKc


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