AHYMSIN Board Meeting: June 2016

by Rajini Prakash

Many tasks are made lighter with many hands. As a sangha, as family, we all carry the banner of responsibility for success.”
Swami Ritavan Bharati

Once every three months, members of the AHYMSIN Executive Committee family come together for a meeting to exchange and discuss ways to effectively enhance contributions towards the Mission of the Guru and the Sangha.

The AHYMSIN Board/ EC Meeting was held on 11th June 2016 this quarter.

The meeting began with inspiration and prayers from Swami Ritavan Bharati who requested all present to bring their hearts and minds together remembering the One that unites us all. The first mantra of Shiva Sankalpa Sukta was chanted:

OM yaj jāgrato dūram udaiti, daivaṁ
tadu suptasya tathaivaiti
dūraṅgamam jyotiṣhāṁ jyotir ekam
tan me manaḥ shiva-saṅkalpam astu. 

Shi Hong, Senior Vice President, AHYMSIN, welcomed all to the meeting and shared a quote from Swami Veda, “We are all here for spiritual liberation and serving the Mission is part of that.”

MahaSamadhi observation: Preparations are underway for the first anniversary of the MahaSamadhi of beloved Swami Veda Bharati on 14th July 2016. Purnahuti and Bhandara have been organised. Sadhus and distinguished guests will be invited to attend. There will be continuous recitation of Guru Gita.

Swami Ritavan Bharati shared that centres are invited to carry out their own observations of MahaSamadhi.

The Himalayan Yoga Publications Trust (HYPT): will release the following publications for the MahaSamadhi:

- A tribute of short stories and experiences with Swami Veda.
- A diary of Swami Veda’s visit to China.
- Death Your Servant by Swami Veda Bharati
- Swami Veda’s compilation of experiences of followers of Gurudeva Swami Rama.
- Pearls of Wisdom, – collection of articles by Swami Veda.
- Five pillars of Sadhana in Hindi.
- A book on Mantra – Hindi version.
- On Meditation – Hindi version.

[For further information, please write to: [email protected]]

International Yoga Day: There will be a half-day programme at SRSG to observe the International Yoga Day on 21st June.

Swami Ritavan Bharati requests centres to contribute a summary of activities of their observation of the international yoga day.

[Please write to [email protected] with your news or post it on Ahymsin Facebook.]

Teacher Training Programme (HYT-TTP): TTP-Level 3 will be offered in November 2016 if there is a minimum of 10 registrants for the programme.

There is a need for more mentors. Members of the TTP team are working on further developing the Mentorship Programme.

Outreach programmes: This year, outreach programmes were held in Maldives and Ghaziabad with good feedback. Further programmes including youth camps and children’s retreat are planned for the future. There is a plan to expand outreach programs in 2016-2017. More teachers are required to support this.

Gurukulam (GK): Applications are invited to the Gurukulam programme. The teaching faculty for GK programme has expanded and strengthened. Swami Prayag Giri, Pandit Chandramani, Pandit Priyadarshan and Brahmachari Siddharth Krishna have kindly consented to teach on the programme.

[Interested seekers are requested to write to [email protected] before the application deadline of 15th August 2016]

Guest Programmes: With Guru’s grace, SRSG continues to attract a steady flow of seekers. There has been an overwhelming positive response from guests.

A programme calendar for the entire year at SRSG is currently being developed.

Sahaj Seva groups: At the Sangha Gathering in February 2016, sadhakas were invited to serve the Guru and the Mission through sahaj seva groups. Seven groups with different initiatives and goals were formed. The team leads of these groups are in the process of sharing these goals.

[Those who wish to join these groups are invited to kindly write to [email protected]. Your request will be forwarded to the co-ordinator.]

Communications: The communications team is currently working on networking issues. A response group formed at the February Sangha Gathering is currently considering effective use of social media; a youth group has been formed and is considering avenues to posting links online to spread the teachings of Swami Veda. A team effort to develop the AHYMSIN website continues.

Closing remarks: Swami Ritavan reminded all of Swami Veda’s Annual 40-day Spiritual Festival preceding Guru Purnima (19th July — Full Moon Meditation day).

Swami Ritavan called upon the perennial love of the Lineage.
OM Tat Sat, OM Shantih.

Swami Ritavan invites Sangha members to please share your interest and enthusiasm in distributing these newsworthy items with group members and actively involve them in the Mission of AHYMSIN.



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