Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Guru Purnima Messages for 2016

Dear Initiate of the Himalayan Tradition,
Om shreem gurave namah;

At this time, we are reminded of a unique relationship that is so fulfilling and satisfying. At this time, our efforts now cease with the fruits of contentment from a sadhana well-performed and surrendered.

Celebrating Guru Purnima is a joy beyond words, a deep stillness that echoes a wholeness and holiness. A wholeness that provides the answers to our pursuits, our yearnings and reveals a purpose for life. To live and to love with a heart unconditioned by conflict, and a mind, unified beyond division.

Please accept this gift of remembering--smaranam:
of being reminded to forgive, our own faults – limitations and those of others; of aspiring to self-transformation; of receiving the love of the Lineage. This perennial message of our guides and sages of the Tradition is expressed beautifully in this prayer by Swami Veda, given on Guru Purnima in 2011.

May the inner guru find expression in your daily life, in your relationships, and in your duty to reveal your destiny.

With love and blessings of the Lineage,
Swami Ritavan Bharati
SRSG, Rishikesh

Guru Purnima Blessing from Swami Veda Bharati
Meditation Center Community, Minneapolis, 2011

Swami Veda reciting:  

Brahamanandam parama sukadam, kevalam janamurtam dantwa, yedam gagana sa drisham, tatvamas tikamyam, mekam nityam vmala achalam, sarvadi sakshit bhutam bhava dtitam, triguna rahitam, sat Guru tam, namamea.

“The one living in the bliss of Brahman, who grants us the highest delight, the very embodiment of knowledge beyond dualities, pure like the vacuity of the sky and space, one who is the goal to be achieved--That Thou Art, tat tvam asi. 

The one alone perennial immaculate, immobile, the witness of all thoughts and intuitions beyond the states of being, free of the effects of the three gunas, sattva, rajas and tamas, to that pure true Guru and his lineage unto that, I prostrate, I surrender.”

Swami Veda commentary:

“As I was contemplating this occasion of Guru Purnima, my thoughts went back to what I have shared with you in the past of the first creation: the mind creation.  The bodiless mind beings, they whose bodies are minds, the first sages, the first carriers of the knowledge that is infused into these unencumbered minds, these beings whose consciousness is only the consciousness of infinity not divided like ours in spaces, times, causations, conflicts, events, situations.  Such beings are the ones from whom all the Guru lineages begin, whose mantric knowledge all the lineages inherit, and in their compassionate generosity that knowledge is infused into us by way of initiation.

To that Guru, my prostrations, my homage, my surrender, my ‘not mine’ is offered in love.”

Guru Purnima Blessing from Swami Rama to the Meditation Center community, Minneapolis – 1985

“Today is Guru Purnima day.  This day is devoted to the spiritual teachings imparted by the Guru.  Those who are honestly, sincerely treading the path, understand that this is the day that makes you aware of your responsibility, responsibility towards your country, nation and humanity, and responsibility toward your spiritual enlightenment.  These two aspects should not create a conflict in your mind.  So, the word Guru is actually not meant for any individual, but for that enlightened being and who selflessly, lovingly imparts pure knowledge to the disciples -- to the students.

So let me pray for you.  Let me pray for the welfare of your Center.  Let me pray for those who are on the path.

I pray to the divinity in you.  God bless you.”



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