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    Polish International Yoga Festival

    by Elisa Parigi

    In mid-June, for the first time in Poland, was held an International Yoga Festival. The setting was really beautiful: an old palace, Palac Sulislaw, totally renovated a few years ago, and surrounded by gardens, lakes and even a fence (accessible) with at least 40 deers. A pearl in the green Polish countryside.


    The organizers had a clear goal in mind: to make authentic yogic traditions available to the Polish people. They wanted to expand the understanding of what yoga is: not just an healthy discipline for the body, but a method to know the Self, to change our philosophy of life, and bring this internal change in the world. Among the organizers, Filip Rucinski (Shivananda), who had lived one year at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama in Rishikesh, proposed that also the Himalayan Tradition was invited as a perfect representative of this authentic idea of yoga, along with Brigu Yoga and Yoga for Health.

    The program included lectures and conferences: Paul Emerson spoke about the functioning of the breath and its importance, and Stoma focused more on the energy aspect talking about the prana. Jella Grupstra and I instead took care of hatha yoga lessons trying to incorporate into practice the knowledge learned during the speeches and theoretical conferences. In addition, the group of students was led by Stoma during the three-day workshop to a complete experience of yoga nidra.

    The participants were very satisfied. Above all they were happy to have experienced a state of calm, peace and deep relaxation that they had not found in other traditions. One lady shared her feeling of being entered into a space of deep silence – and no one had spoken of silence! There is no greater joy to see how the transmission of tradition works: it is something that goes beyond teachers and their words; it expands in space and connects all participants. We don't need to do much, just give people the chance to open a door inside; once there, the knowledge is equal for all.






    Editor’s Note:

    To see the website page telling about the Himalayan Yoga Workshop during this event: http://www.festiwaljogi.pl/en/workshops/himalayan-yoga/ 

    Dr. Stephen Parker (Stoma) and Paul Emerson were both interviewed; to see those interviews, please click on title:




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