School Life

by Harsh Gupta

Introduction by Daniel Hertz:

Before Swami Hari Harananda Bharati passed away in 2008, he founded SRIVERM (Swami Rama Institute of Vocational Education and Research). It is a multi-use school complex in Malethi, India, that now includes a Public School (currently through 10th grade), a Bachelor of Education program, and a Vocational Program for adults in the area.

Recently the name of the public school was changed to the Swami Hariharananda Public School.  It is in a beautiful setting in the Himalayas and includes a full-service guest house and meditation hall. Looking through the valley from the balcony of the guest house you can see Tarkeshwar, the holy Shiva shrine that Swami Hari, a direct disciple of Swami Rama, spent so many years in intensive meditation practice. More details about the life of Swami Hari can be found in a book I wrote that was published in 2011, entitled Swami Hari: I am a simple forest monk.

In the follow-up book in 2013, entitled We Are Only Visitors, I asked some students from SRIVERM to write short essays about their school experience, and they are included in that book.  Recently I heard from one of those students, Harsh Gupta, who is now in 10th grade.  He wanted to share an update on his experience at SRIVERM.  Here is the un-edited version:

SCHOOL LIFE-The Golden period of Child’s life

I am Harsh Gupta and I study in Swami Hariharanand public school Malethi in 10th standard. And I think that my school life is the best moments of my life. Because it is the moment that never returns. Most of us would agree that the days spent in school are/were certainly the best days of our lives. It is in the school that we me make our first friend.

What’s the best part of school life? Some would vouch for great education, the great learning experience, the knowledge sharing. And other such scholarly pursuits.

And it is the part of our school life to consulting with friends that which is the new and best movie or song. And comment on that.

Everyone loves his/her school life because the friends made in this time are very close to us, the time spends with friends is priceless. I experienced that in this time we learn to make our future bright. I also want to become a big man in my future.

My dream is Airline pilot. It is my heartly dream that I will fly a aeroplane. I also want to do world tour and learn the cultures of all countries. And I want to do something for my lovely School and my village Satpuli. I want that the name of my school and my village spreads over all the world.

I am very lucky that I am studying in Swami ji school.

Like Swami ji, who did always for others. I also want to do for peoples when I will stand on my legs.
But now, my only work is to study. My teacher says that study is the material of your building of life. Suppose a building is on construction, if we use cheap or poor materials to making it. It will not stand strongly and diminished after some year.

My teacher says that this formula is also work in students life if we study good our future becomes bright and we can do something but if we do opposite our future will go in dark.

So it is the life in which we can make our future either bright or dark.


Note by Daniel Hertz:

Both books, Swami Hari: I am a simple forest monk and We Are Only Visitors, are available world-wide on Amazon and all profits from the sale of the books go to SRIVERM. Facebook Page with photo of the school (large building on hillside and smaller one down to the left). 

For more information on SRIVERM, please see these two websites: http://srnkt.org/ and www.sriverm.net.



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