Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Remembering Swami Veda Bharati

by Shailendra Bisseswar

July 14th, 2016

A spiritual daughter of Swami Vedaji, Nalini Behari, woke up the Dutch family by sending forth the wish of Swamiji, which can be seen on YouTube. Many of us felt the urge to undertake something, but not knowing how from the little experience we have with organizing things for children. Somehow we managed.

After a few days of heavy rains, the tranquillity of this sunny morning on the 14th was promising for a beautiful gathering of likeminded seekers, from all generations. At the time all the guests arrived many sparks of love went back and fro from the eyes, and silk-like shawls of hugs were given between the Belgian/Dutch family members. Though the distances in and between these countries are short compared with other countries, it seemed as if people have travelled long and have come from far to arrive at this moment in time and space. It is indeed the force of our karmic duties that separates us miles and hours and days from each other. It was the force of sankalpa by which we could turn the wheel of karma so that we could be in this moment of togetherness. Appreciations for the ones who came from the outer corners of Belgium and Holland. Appreciations for the younger ones and youth, for the ones familiar with the tradition, and especially for the ones who were curious about the tradition.

Jagdish Thakurdin gave the introduction with a brief guided centering practice. Remembering Swamiji’s wish and words “let everyone feel loved”, Jagdish soothed a mother who tried to quiet down her 5/6 year old child during his guided practice. He told her gently not to worry, and let the child be in its nature. “This day is dedicated to them, they are not disturbing us.” With this Jagdish has set the tone and required attitude for this evening. All children and the parents could relax.

After a brief explanation of the Akhanda mantra, we all gathered and sat around two Havan Kundas so that all could participate with the fire offerings. The children were participating on and off in the yajna. In other moments the smallest ones were playing on the side with their Lego. While looking at their play miraculously the Akhanda mantra revealed itself in their play.

It was amazing to see this unfold and to see the intuitive power of children. The shakti vibrating in their minds bringing forth motion in their hands and thus moving the unmovable Lego blocks into creations from their fantasy, then moving these creation around, breaking then down, and building new creations in an unbroken cycle while they themselves remain unchanged. This evening these children were the embodiment of the vision of “vyaptam yena caracaram”. The vision that the guru’s are revealing to us. The guru revealing herself through these children, WOW!

After finishing the offering, we remained seated casually as if sitting around a camp fire. Similar to the ancient tribes on all continents we had an inspiring sharing of thoughts, where in this case the elder were listening and asking and the young ones were sharing and answering. We concluded with prayers and a silent meditation with on the background of joyful vibrations of Shakti in the children’s play.

A special thanks goes to those who came all the way from Belgium just to participate this one evening and the youth who took courage to dive in the unknown and showed their venerability by sharing the challenges and critical views on life. And thanks to all the shakti’s who expressed themselves in the organizers, the caterers and the joyful little creators.

By the way, without having had any explanation about the akanda-mantra one of the children made the attached drawing as part of the creation ... talk about intuition!

Purnima's Akhanda Mandala Karam Drawing



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