Research Publications

by Manu (Dr. Manuel Fernandez)

Publications by researchers at the Meditation Research Institute, Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama

Note: Manu (Dr. Manuel Fernandez) is a former manager of the Meditation Research Institute, Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama. Current director of center Mahamudra Tradicion Yoga Himalayo - www.manuyogas.org

Five articles of research done at the Meditation Research Institute, Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, or closely related to practitioners, practices, and research done at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama have been recently published in scientific journals and other important means of information transmission. Swami Veda was able to see all or most of these publications when they were first written and then finally published and even was an active participant in their research as a thinker and also as a protagonist yogi. You can have total or partial access to these articles by following the URL links below the citations.

1) Pravin Kumar. “Self development through scientific spirituality”. Dev Sanskriti: Interdisciplinary International Journal (2013), 2, 45-50


2) P. Kumar, E. Chavez, D. Jalba, G. Prabhu, S. Parker, M. Ivan, L. Quartieri . “Immediate effect of meditation in children on performance in a letter cancellation task”. Yoga Journal SENSE, 2014, Vol. 4 (4), 108-117


3) Darius Plikynas, Gytis Basinskas, Pravin Kumar, Saulius Masteika, Darius Kezys, Algirdas Laukaitis. “Social systems in terms of coherent individual neurodynamics: conceptual premises, experimental and simulation scope”. International Journal of General Systems Volume 43, 2014 - Issue 5 Pages 434-469.


4) Sharma Sachin Kumar, Shirley Telles, Prabhu Gopalkrishna, Kumar Ankur, Kumar Pravin. “Silence in a Spiritual Master increases vagal tone during two meditative states: A single case study”. Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. 2015 Jan-Mar; 59 (1): 121-122.


5) Kumar Pravin, Prabhu Gopalkrishna, Fernandez Manuel, Swami Veda Bharati. “The Effects of Himalayan Meditation on the Neuro-Physiology of Regular Practitioners: A Qualitative Study”. In Yoga for the Middle Aged - National Yoga Week Souvenir. New Delhi: Morarji Desai National Institutes of Yoga, 2015, pp. 153-157.


There is also an upcoming Meditation Research Institute article:

Claire Braboszcz; B. Rael Cahn; Jonathan Levy; Manuel Fernandez; Arnaud Delorme. "Different meditative practices share the same neuronal correlates: increased gamma brainwave amplitude compared to control in three different meditation traditions".

As soon as it is published I will let you know.

And as it was mentioned in a previous contribution to the AHYMSIN Newsletter there was a Meditation Research Institute article published in 2013:

Stephen Parker, Swami Veda Bharati, Manuel Fernandez. “Defining Yoga-Nidra: Traditional Accounts, Physiological Research, and Future Directions”. International Journal of Yoga Therapy — No. 23 (1) | 2013.




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