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A New Center Is Born

by Patricija Kos

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A New Center Is Born: Hrvatski Centar Himalajske Tradicije – HCHT (Croatian Center of the Himalayan Tradition)
Not so long ago in the Meditation Hall Swami Veda looked in my eyes and said: "Open a center!" The feeling of respect didn't let out the sincere instantaneous thought that showed up. So, instead of saying: "WHAT!?" I just said politely: "Ok, Swamiji, we'll see how it will go on", even though deep inside I already knew it has to be done. But it really made no sense. Being the only initiate in the whole country, still recovering from the accident, walking around with the titanium frame to fix the broken vertebras and preparing for the second surgery, having no students, no place for the center, the questions were arising and they seemed so logical at that moment: Open a center with whom? For whom? Where? How?

But the seed was planted and it took 3 months to grow into the resolve to do it. The doubts and the fears were removed and faith came up with Guru's grace on the day of my birthday, 14th July, Swami Veda's Mahasamadhi.

From that very auspicious day the ideas about how to organize the center started coming up. Whenever there were some difficulties that required help, help came. One year after, in summer 2016, the Center has been officially registered. There's no physical center settled in one place. The last year the only activities were the workshops in Zagreb once a month; in September 2016 weekly classes have started in Rijeka, the books Philosophy of Hatha Yoga and Science of Breath are in the process of translation, first public lectures are planned starting from October 2016 in other towns. The most beautiful thing is that everything seems to flow with ease. It's a lot of work but not as some kind of "one man band". Spontaneously different people are willingly doing their part by giving ideas, suggestions, donations, helping with the promotion, documentation…. It's like everybody has his/her proper role in a performance directed by an invisible hand.

Even though the house called "The center" hasn't been built yet, it has been settled in the heart center, going around wherever the feet are moving this body, spreading the words and the knowledge of the Tradition.

Editor’s Note:

The Facebook page for Hrvatski Centar Himalajske Tradicije: https://www.facebook.com/hcht1/
Philosophy of Hatha Yoga is a book by Pandit Usharbudh Arya/Swami Veda Bharati.

Science of Breathis a book by Swami Rama, Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, and Dr. Alan Hymes.



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