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Swami Ritavan in Budapest

by Puskás Kata Szidónia

Swami Ritavan spent a few days in Budapest at 23 – 25 September 2016. On Friday, He met the sadhakas of the ongoing Teacher Training Program; then on Saturday the certified Teachers of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition had the chance to participate on a meditation and a lecture led by Him.

On Saturday evening a Vedic fire ceremony inaugurated the new Centre of the Tradition in Budapest.

Sunday afternoon Swamiji had an open lecture titled “Modern Life –Ancient Wisdom”. Almost 150 people participated. The program started with joints and glands exercises instructed by Dea Frankó Csuba. Swami Ritavan guided a meditation and gave a lecture. It seemed the participants would listen to Swamiji’s teachings for days.

Gratitude to the Guru Lineage for this blessed weekend.

More photos about this weekend:

(These events were organized by Himalájai Jóga Tradíció. Their website: http://www.himalajaijoga.hu/)

Some Photos

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Editor’s Note:

Many from the Debreceni Jóga Egyesület (Debrecen Yoga Association) visited the event for the open lecture on September 25, at which time video footage was taken. At this link, one can find text of Swami Ritavan’s talk and also a video: http://jogadebrecen.hu/tudastar/szvami-ritavan-bharati-tanitasa-budapesten-videoval/



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