Two New Books

Books by Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati and by Randall Krause (Mokshadeva) have recently been published.

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Rediscovering the Divine Feminine

Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati has written the book Rediscovering the Divine Feminine, which is now available at a number of book sellers.

Swami Nitya says, “It is adamant that we turn away from the power-crazy, destructive perception, which in our global society has gone to extreme, which means unearthing and redirecting our focus into the opposite direction. That means, even though the goal is balance, there first has to happen a turning; in this case from a materialistic society dominated by the masculine principle, to rekindle the values inherent in the feminine principle. Hence I endeavour to contemplate the feminine principle, however, not in isolation but with the awareness of, and in dialogue with, the masculine.  This means we cannot talk about driving out the patriarchal and installing a matriarchal society, but we need to move to the next level up, where both energies (the masculine and the feminine) contribute to a society of harmony and peace; where co-operation in love and respect is the goal; not the survival of the strongest, most scrupulous and ruthless.”

Swami Nitya is a mantra initiator in our tradition as well as being an international teacher.

Other books by Swami Nitya can be seen at Books.

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Pathways to Self-Awareness

Randall Krause, Mokshadeva, has written the book Pathways to Self-Awareness, whichis now available for purchase from Itasca Books and Amazon.

Here is a description of the book as provided by the publisher: “Pathways to Self-Awareness is an invitation to explore the deeper meaning of our life’s journey. It encourages us to ask ourselves the ultimate question: Who am I? Written in brief and often poetic prose, readers can turn again and again to this book for guidance and direction along the path to their True Self. The book is composed of heart touching readings filled with wisdom gained by the author’s 28 years with his meditation teacher and his daily yoga-meditation practice. Pathways to Self-Awareness is for everyone - those who are new to the concepts of Yoga and meditation, as well as more experienced practitioners. Composed of daily readings, the book’s simple format allows us to open to any page for inspiration and guidance.”

Randall, M.A., J.D., E-RYT500, is the center leader for Himalayan Yoga Meditation – Los Angeles, webmaster of www.bindu.org, and a member of the AHYMSIN Executive Committee.



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