AHYMSIN Board: September 2016

by Rabindra Sahu

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“We gather to give witness -- that our relationship with the Yoga Meditation Tradition, a Living Lineage, should be absolutely pure and selfless, and carry the Guru-Shakti of self-transformation and spiritual awakening.” ~ Swami Ritavan Bharati

Once in every three months, members of the AHYMSIN Executive Committee family come together for a meeting to exchange and discuss ways to effectively enhance contributions towards the Mission of the Guru and the Sangha.

The AHYMSIN Board/ EC Meeting was held on 10th September 2016 in the third quarter.

Swami Ritavan began the meeting by invoking the Guru spirit and expressing gratitude through the Guru Prayers. He requested all present to express the sentiment; "Let Each Person Feel Loved” through our actions that fulfills our debt to our beloved Swami Ji and assures a wholesome and holy life. He reminded further: Let the Board meeting be a reminder and a reassurance of this resolve.

Shi Hong, Senior Vice President, AHYMSIN, welcomed all to the meeting and wished everyone a happy Chinese Mid-autumn festival (day moon closest to the earth); falling on the 16th of September - the full moon day. He encouraged us to attain a disposition of a “Saumya” personality and inspired us to be kind, easy to approach; so that when people would look at us they feel as if they are looking at a bright full moon.

He reminded us of SVB’s messages to apply “saumyata” in all our daily activities, in all our thoughts and dealings.

Education at SRSG: We are restructuring all the “Educational” aspects at SRSG.

  1. Well planned and structured Guest program
  2. Avenues for skill development and continuous education of SRSG teachers
  3. Re-structure the Gurukulam and encourage Seva Sadhakas

Communication: The board brainstormed about strengthening our external and internal communication. The AHYMSIN Youth group along with Carolyn Hume is actively working to spread the teachings through various social networking avenues.

Having received numerous feedbacks on our present website, the board has approved to re design our current AHYMSIN website to make it more user-friendly

Swami Veda always wanted to connect all the centers and bring them together as one Sangha. Through the “Kalyana-Mitra” network with the help of the AHYMSIN Youth group and board members we have planned the following:

  1. Get information from all centers on current status (membership, programs, suggestions, etc)
  2. Compile list of initiates, centers, friends, etc.We seek support from all our global centers. One of our volunteers for the information required may approach the centers.

[Please write to [email protected] with your news or post it on Ahymsin Facebook.]

Publication: Work is underway to publish the following books by the Himalayan Yoga Publications Trust
-  A book focused on “Silence”. Swami Ritavan is leading this project
-  A diary of Swami Veda’s visit to China
-  Swami Rama – Majestic Master Volume II

[For further information, please write to [email protected]]

Outreach program: AHYMSIN participated in the International Yoga Festival conducted by the Ministry of AYUSH in Delhi. We conducted an outreach program in Kohlapur, Mumbai, in an IVF research lab with encouraging results and response. We got confirmation from Nvidia Bangalore Office with 75 confirmed participants for the program scheduled in October. AHYMSIN will continue to plan and expand the outreach program. We encourage our initiates and friends across India to help and support our outreach initiative.

SRSG Programmes: With Guru’s grace, SRSG continues to attract a steady flow of seekers. There has been an overwhelming positive response from guests. A program calendar for 2016-17 is ready and updated.

Closing remarks: Swami Ritavan mentioned that we have been moving positively towards strengthening our relationship with HIHT as well as Swami Rama Himalayan University. He thanked Dr. Mohan Swami for his role on reviving the relationship between HIHT and AHYMSIN. We continue to emphasize importance of Sadhana Mandir as it remains the “Spiritual Seat” for AHYMSIN. Swami Ritavan is invited to the meetings of the trust committee of Sadhana Mandir. He will be teaching a few classes in Sadhana Mandir and encouraged the Samiti members to play active role in teaching as well.

He called attention to Dr Mohan Swami’s comments on Kalyana Mitra and the importance of this for the sangha:

“We must kindle these fires in the sadhakas who share similar goals and aspirations - to not only strengthen the global Ahymsin family but create a solid platform to disseminate the teachings and philosophy of the Master.”

Swami Ritavan called upon the perennial love of the Lineage.

OM Tat Sat, OM Shantih.

Editor’s Note:

The Swami Veda quotation in the picture is from his 2003 Guru Purnima message.

In Raising a Spiritual Child, Swami Veda Bharati defined saumyata: “saumyataa: generating moon like calmness and pleasantness”.  He also wrote about the need for saumyataa in Sadhana in Applied Spirituality(Section 4, “Saintly CEOs”).



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