Jelle Grupstra’s Center

by Stephen Parker (Stoma)

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From October 3-7 Stoma visited the Center built by Jelle Grupstra behind his family home in Annerveenschekanaal, Netherlands. Jelle built the yoga studio over three years, working as a laborer to raise the funds. The Himalaya Yoga Centrum opened in January and within six months had a nice community of students. Jelle now teaches his own classes there and sponsors other local teachers as well. He is also the hatha-yoga instructor for an Ayurvedic practitioner training program in The Hague and has regular teaching commitments in Italy (Torino) and Lithuania. Stoma came to do mantra initiations for 10 students and gave talks on mantra and meditation and emotional purification.

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In the process he also had a chance to visit the town of Groningen where Jelle showed him his favorite bookstore with a large section on yoga and Indian spirituality. He also spent a half day visit Romy van der Pool and her husband Rene in their wellness center. Rene is one of the world’s experts on Tibetan singing bowls and has a lot to share about the process of using sound in meditation and in healing.

Editor’s Note:

Himalaya Yoga Centrum is an AHYMSIN Affiliate Center. They are working on a new website: http://www.himalayayogacentrum.nl/



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