An Unexpected Blossoming

by Joachim Volger

It was two years ago that I left the ashram after two and a half years being at the Gurukulam. There was a little sense of resistance to visit the Ashram.

When I arrived at the gate, the friendly guards said hello. Almost right away there was the sense of serenity within the ashram. I continued to the Mandala Office and was warmly welcomed. The flowers were very brilliant in their colors and appearance; I never had noticed it when I was staying at the Gurukulam.

There was the opportunity to sleep in a Gurukulam room, and when I entered I was overwhelmed by the feeling of gratefulness. Grateful for the time being in this tender place.

Being for some hours in the ashram I noticed how relaxed and friendly guests, workers, and residents were. It became more and more clear that something very tender and gentle was strongly present in the ashram.
When I left the ashram after two weeks it was clear to me that it is a place filled with the fragrance of a great master with a very very loving hart.

Day by day the gratefulness for being in the presence of Swami Veda grows deeper and deeper.

Joachim Volger (The Netherlands)



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