Workshops in Greece

by Stephen Parker (Stoma)

For two weeks in September our initiates in Greece sponsored a pair of weekend workshops by Stoma on Emotional Purification and Yoga-nidra. They were organized by Litsa Martzoukou and Sofia Foteina and a whole team of Greek students who worked beautifully together. [Editor’s Note: Please see the article “Stomaji’s Visit in Athens” by Sofia Foteina in this newsletter.]

During the days between workshops and initiations they showed Stoma and his husband Scott, who joined him on their first visit to the cradle of Western civilization (and their 23rd anniversary), around a number of the great ancient sites in the Peloponnese. They visited Delphi, the site of the oracle of Apollo where ancient initiations took place, not in the temple but in the caves near a spring where the water comes out of the mountain. There was a pronounced vibration of silence in this place. Similarly they visited Elefsina the site of Eleusian mysteries where many of the higher initiations were performed. They sat on ancient stone seats in the Plutonium, a cave that is called the entrance to Hades. From this spot, Persephone was abducted into the underworld by Pluto. As they sat they could feel themselves being drawn backwards towards the cave. It was another power spot. So there was undoubtedly a vibrant yogic initiation tradition that was a component of the ancient Greek philosophies which is only hinted at today. Teachers of this tradition are very hard to find. A third site was Corinth, the ancient city where the Apostle Paul taught. This involved a chance to swim in the Aegean, although some jellyfish joined the party resulting in a little discomfort that did not last long.

There were a number of mantra initiations given to Greek students and at the end of the trip, they all gathered at a hilltop restaurant overlooking the Acropolis for a farewell dinner to celebrate the success of the visit and the warmth of the yoga community in Greece. It is clear that there will be future workshops and retreats in Greece and it is a lovely place for people from elsewhere to visit.

Columns of the Temple of Apollo at DelphiThe Plutonium




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