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    Teaching from the Source

    by Ilaria Sarri

    "The true teaching is only from the Source."

    Impressions from a Seminar with Pandit Dabral at Himalayan Yoga Institute - Firenze 26-27 November 2016

    All the times I end a yoga advanced seminar, I wonder what I bring home, what remains in me, at a deep level feel. I must admit that this time it took me a few days to understand clearly, but I think that Pandit Dabral, senior teacher of the Himalayan tradition, through his enthusiasm, his energy and desire to show another point of view to approach the teachings, was able to "tease" in me the curiosity to deepen even more the practice, to hone the thin inner perception allowing you to feel deeply and to find the answer to the question that has been instilled. And the answer lies in living the experience, to know through practice: from the practice arise humility, receptivity, attention, kindness and gentleness, but also full faith and confidence in the teachings, performance and service to the guru and remembrance of being part of a living tradition, through the personal mantra recitation.

    The mantra is a vibration that layer by layer opens the door inside of us, is "a drop of the guru in our minds", is "a light on inside us," is a connection with the lineage and with the mind of the guru .

    In the Himalayan tradition, hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation are tools to keep open the connecting channels with the guru and to ensure that the mantra enters deep within us. We must, therefore, learn to make good use: it is a property that is given to us.

    And as yoga teachers, in the Himalayan tradition, we should develop the attitude to want to practice; we should always be thinking that yoga teachers are to serve the guru and that "today could be our day to receive the teachings of the great sages."

    "May I never, ever doubt the teachings."

    "That I can never doubt the source."

    "May I never doubt myself."

    With love and gratitude to the lineage, om shantih



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