Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Like a Thriller-Action Movie

by Patricija Kos

Patricija and Neno

It happened at the end of last November, two days after leaving SRSG, that we were victims of an organized criminal attack in Nepal (a fake accident crashing motor-bikes). It's very sad that things like that are happening. What they do is injuring the foreign people, bringing them to extremely expensive hospitals, and they all together manage to get lot amounts of money directly from the injured person and from the insurance.

The story is very long, almost unbelievable, like a thriller-action Hollywood movie.

Physically Neno broke the arm and ribs and injured the knee. I have more difficulties: injured knee, broken both bones of the left lower leg, still non complete feeling in the foot. We both had surgery in Kathmandu. His arm is not perfect, but it's fine. I need another surgery because the bones are not positioned the way they should be.

As we escaped 4 days after the "accident" and the surgery, I was very weak. Lost a lot of blood and got a severe deep vein thrombosis after two days of travelling. Therefore, I had to be at the hospital in Croatia lying in the bed without getting up for 3 weeks. There was a high probability for a sudden death and even higher to proceed with the amputation of the lower leg.

In this very moment  I'm writing a small book. Many people who heard the story asked me to do it. In the same time, I felt the need to do it. I've never written anything like that. If it will be ok, maybe we can think about the English translation. For now, it's just an idea. Time will show.

The healing is proceeding very slow. Training our patience. Right now I'm doing the best I can to reactivate the circulation. I have to move the leg to improve the circulation but, in the same time, avoid moving the leg and making pressure because the bones are not positioned perfectly and the movements are injuring the knee. Only after regaining the circulation, we can go on with any other medical work. So, I'm walking around with crutches, dealing with the changing-color leg. Neno went to work in another country, so I moved to the parents’ house because I'm not capable to have an independent life right now. And he is working: skiing with all those injuries being careful not to aggravate his condition. Balancing on the tiny rope is the present lesson in the school of life

There are two more details I would like to share with you:

  1. The moment when we crashed and the bodies were flying, we both had a very strong feeling that everything is fine. Additionally, I heard my personal mantra in that moment.
  2. While the ambulance was driving us to the hospital in Kathmandu, my leg was not immobilised. They just don't do it. During the drive, I was helped by Swami Veda, giving me instructions to relax the forehead and concentrate to the breathing to avoid any unnecessary energy consumption. That way I remained conscious all the way even though I lost a lot of blood (got the transfusion only back in Croatia because in Nepal they didn't have my blood group and I was happy because of that) and managed to stand the pain (I was holding the leg only with my hands to ease the pain due to the jumping-drive and in one moment the broken bones jumped out from their place).
A few days ago I noticed I seem to be on the way to become a yoga teacher for disabled and injured people. 4 months after starting TTP1, I had the skydiving accident resulting with broken vertebra and pelvis, two surgeries. 8 months after starting TTP2, the Nepal story happened. Half joking the thought came: I'm afraid to start TTP3..... Please, no more injuring!



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