Nataraja Murti Sanctified

by Randall Krause (Mokshadeva)

At The Rancho Meditation Sanctuary

The Rancho Meditation Sanctuary is home for the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society of Los Angeles, aka Hym-La, an AHYMSIN affiliate center, and is located in Encino, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California.

The Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer) had given the time, to begin the worship ceremony, as between 12:35 and 12:45 PM, Sunday, February 12, 2017. So, right on time, the puja began. This was to sanctify the Shiva Nataraja that was obtained in India and brought to California to grace The Rancho Meditation Sanctuary.

Kinder the Sanctuary dog.

It was a small group. The swami who was due to come to do the honors couldn’t make it for medical reasons, and so Randall Krause, the Sanctuary caretaker, stepped in as pujari after receiving step by step instructions from Pandit Hari Shankar Dabral. Guests were invited from afar, but nobody could get away. Nevertheless, Rosy, who works at the Sanctuary, attended with deep respect and a sacred attitude, as did Kinder the Sanctuary dog.

The puja began with a worship of Ganesha, the Opener of the Way, and then proceeded to Shiva.

So now the grounds of The Rancho Meditation Sanctuary are graced by the beautiful and peaceful presence of a Shiva murti in the form of Nataraja.

Editor's Note:

Randall writes that the calendar at Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society of Los Angeles, aka Hym-La “is in flux at this moment. We do have a silence retreat on the calendar (in San Diego) in October and there will be events at The Rancho Meditation Sanctuary, including a Prana Vidya Retreat, in the Fall. Other things will be happening but not scheduled yet. People can get on the email list or see scheduled events at www.hymla.com.”


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