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Ahymsin Board Meeting: March 2017

by Rajini Prakash

AHYMSIN Board meeting that took place on 11th March 2017 once again brought together family members to exchange significant happenings that had a bearing on the mission of AHYMSIN and to share their views and aspirations for the forthcoming year, 2017-18.

Swami Ritavan Bharati opened the meeting with the prayer, Saha navavatu and greetings to all. Mr. Shi Hong, Senior Vice-President, AHYMSIN extended a very warm welcome to all participants at the Board meeting. He expressed his gratitude to the contributors of the annual report. The sangha at Hong Kong appreciated the report and felt more connected on reading it.

If you wish to read the annual report containing AHYMSIN’s offering of service to the Guru and the sangha, please request your centre leader for a copy or write to [email protected].

AHYMSIN participated in the International Yoga Fest in Delhi, 8th–10th March, sponsored by the Ministry of AYUSH. One of the special sessions at the festival was the commemoration of Swami Veda’s life and his unique contribution to the tradition of Yoga. Swamiji’s life was highlighted in talks given by Pandit Stoma and Dr Prabhu. Swami Ritavan led the gathering through a meditation.

During the conference, leading yoga institute members met for the IYA (Indian Yoga Association) Board meeting of which AHYMSIN is an executive member.

Rural Empowerment is seeking to expand its projects and activities with local communities with an aim to enhance quality of life and provide skill building for employment in accordance with Swami Veda’s wishes. Various project opportunities were discussed and a decision was made to explore a few that may address requirements of local communities. News on new projects is eagerly awaited.

TTP students in Level-1 and Level-2 are encouraged to progress to the next higher level and continue with their aspiration to one day receive the grace from the Himalayan Sages and become vehicles of transmission for their messages.

Gurukulam programme has been enhanced and now awaits the Home Ministry’s approval. The programme will be announced thereafter.

Communications: Preparation to post some of Swami Veda’s videos on YouTube has started with assessing resources that AHYMSIN might have at the moment. We eagerly wait to view Swami Veda’s teachings on YouTube, though it may be some time before they are ready.

Strategic directives is witnessing new and exciting approach in that a research partnership is currently being explored between AHYMSIN and AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), a highly regarded premier health institution in India. The aim is to establish a mutual goal to study meditation and its practices with accomplished meditators, and to publish meaningful findings.

Publications: There are currently two books awaiting publication, Life Beyond Knowledge and Time and Swami Rama: Majestic Master, Mysterious Mystic. Watch out for announcements that they are available for purchase.

Adhyatma-samiti will be meeting in November 2017 for their annual silence retreat. The purnahuti of Swami Veda’s five-year mauna-vrata will be on 10th March 2018 – there will be a purnahuti celebration on that day.

At SRSG: Guru Purnima celebrations on 9th July 2017 and Swami Veda’s Mahasamadhi day on 14th July 2017 will be held at SRSG. Each person will have an opportunity for 40-day spiritual upliftment from 1st June 2017 leading to Guru Purnima.

Swami Ritavan invites all who were associated with Swami Veda to attend the SRSG July events; or contribute by way of sharing an audio or video less than 7 minutes for the second anniversary celebration.

There was a heartfelt sharing by Dr. Stephen Parker (Stoma) at the international yoga day, on Swami Veda Bharati, that has been recorded and will be shown at the July event.

Full Moon Meditation: Swami Ritavan invites you to join in the Full Moon Meditations.

“The full moon meditations are an opportunity for us to come together in connecting with the universal mind-field bringing unity, harmony, peace and love. Go into your silence; exhale-release, inhale-accept, forgive and fulfil, with purified heart and mind receive the blessings of the Lineage.”
– Swami Ritavan Bharati

For dates, go to http://ahymsin.org/main/practice/full-moon-meditations.html

AHYMSIN office also sends a reminder two days before Full Moon Meditation, if you have signed up for these mailings.

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Editor’s Note:

A listing of videos with Swami Veda Bharati on YouTube and in other Videos can be found at this link: http://ahymsin.org/main/swami-veda-bharati/swami-veda-on-youtube.html



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