HYT-TTP Newsletter, March 2017

by Rabindra Sahu

Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah.

We just completed another great HYT-TTP, Levels 1 and 2, retreat here at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) in Rishikesh, India. Maryon Mass, as always, continued her selfless efforts, working behind the scenes to make it a success.

15 participants representing 6 countries (India, Germany, USA, Armenia, Mauritius, and Hungary) participated in the Level-one retreat, and 4 participants from 4 countries (Norway, Netherlands, India, and China) participated in the Level-two program.

All these students had wonderful and fascinating ways in which they found out about the tradition. The group dynamics were quite interesting: ranging from monks to researchers and participants with more than 10 years of practice.

Throughout the two weeks, the Level-1 students learned the foundations of the Himalayan Tradition teaching; proper sitting, proper breathing, yoga psychology, yoga philosophy including keeping the forehead relaxed and frequent 2 minute meditations!

All the participants enjoyed an outing to HIHT (Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust) during the program. They visited the Ayurveda center and a got a general understanding about the various Ayurvedic therapies followed by a lecture on “Ayurveda, the Science of Life”, by Dr. Pratibha Mamgain, doctor of the Ayurveda Center.

Then the participants went to the Swami Rama Center, meditated in the meditation room adjacent to the Mahasamadhi room, and were excited to see the photo gallery of Swami Rama.

The Level Two students really liked the room near the mango tree, close to the main building at SRSG. They termed it as their own “Cave”. Owing to a very small group of four, they did receive a lot of personal attention during their practice of refinements in Ha-tha, Breath, Relaxation, and Meditation. Now the group is eager to form their own Sangha and start working on their assignments to come back and join Level-3 soon.

Simhasana Pose on Holi

All our guests, TTP participants, teachers, and residents enjoyed the “Holi” celebration very much, as was evident by the splashes of colors, laughter, and dance around the ashram grounds.

The participants enjoyed the meditation sessions with Swami Ritavan.

We are grateful to our teachers: Swami Ritavan Bharati, Swami Radha Bharati, Dr. Stephen (Stoma) Parker, Randall (Mokshadeva) Krause, Sonia Van Nispen, John Sellinger, Chandramani Ji, Ramprakash Das, and Gita Bhoi for their loving presence and continued guidance.


Here are some tips to help yourself and your mentor with your online assignments.

1) Document Name: You may want to try this way to name your assignments: Assignment_1_Name_Level. The next would be named, Assignment_2_Name_Level etc.

2) Heading in the document: Put your name, date, mentor’s name, and even your location at the beginning.

3) Include the questions into the document so your mentor need not look up the question. An answer without the question is an inconvenient read.

4). Point: Keep the answers to the essence of the question. This will keep the papers short and easy, it will be understood that you are progressing.

5) Multiple questions: Multiple questions in one assignment need to be on ONE DOCUMENT. That saves the space and keeps the questions in sequence for the mentors to decipher.

Next HYT-TTP retreat

Entire Level I & II

The next HYT-TTP retreat at SRSG is from November 5-18, 2017. To Register for Level one, go to www.hyt-ttp.com and choose “Student Application” under the topic “Teacher Training.” (http://www.hyt-ttp.com/progression.html#apply). Then submit. If you have registered once, please do not register again.

Contact Rabindra Sahu at the [email protected] address, and you will be guided accordingly.

Yours in Service,

Editor’s Note:

HYT-TTP is the “Himalayan Yoga Tradition – Teacher Training Program”. HYT-TTP offers teacher training retreats twice yearly at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) in Rishikesh, India. Website: www.hyt-ttp.com



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