Dance Participant Feedback

This is feedback from participants in the Dance of Transformation Workshop with Dr. Prakriti Bhaskar at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG), Rishikesh, India, February 22nd – 28th, 2017.

Panni Bajnor:

Dear Prakriti, This course has been an extraordinary experience, so beautiful, joyful and truly I find no words for this dance.

Thank you for all the LOVE you sprinkled on us from your grace and beauty.

What was most useful? The explanation and elaboration of how dance becomes a meditative practice/Sadhana

What was most enjoyable? Personal dance practice, the amazing video lectures created by Prakriti and of course the wonderful students and the fantastic performance. I truly found no words to describe the dance; I had absolutely no thoughts for 45 minutes.   The wonderful teachings of Prakriti helped me in deepening key body awareness and realizing, that everything done with consciousness can turn into mediation. More of these inter discipline lectures; they give such vibrance, joy to the everyday practice/ sadhana.


What was most useful? For me is the spiritual aspect that Dr. Prakriti merged/integrated with her passion for arts.  This taught me the application of spirituality in many other aspects of life, other than art forms, that could & very important to be integrated with spirituality.

What was most enjoyable? Learning/understanding the small but important details of movement and expression in the form of dance.  The performance, even just the demonstration, was indescribably joyous to witness.

Kindly share the impact of retreat on your practice: This workshop has brought out so much love & joy (and other emotions). I appreciated the warmth and inspiration I received from Dr. Prakriti’s intense passion for this spiritual art.

Anne Stuive:

Dear Mrs. Bhaskar

You asked us to write down what we’ll take with us from you classes.  I don’t know where to start so I’ll write down what comes to my mind.

-Yesterday when you were talking about your master you touched my heart tears were just streaming out of my eyes.

-The first day right away I got inspired about the fact that following a rhythm is being in NOW. I will use it in my group at school (my students are about 11 years.)

-slowly my fingers are getting more flexible.  I couldn’t dream they can do this.

- The lecture you gave this morning about emotions gave me –again a deeper insight to myself.  I can continue what you gave me these last days.  It has been a blessing I could follow this course.  Thank you very much!

Wishing you all the best.
Ward Regards,
Anne Strive

P.s. Is there a possibility to read your doctorate thesis about your guru? I am very much interested in reading that.

What was most useful? Explanation – information

What was most enjoyable? Dancing – hasta’s

Kindly share the impact of workshop on your practice: I got enormously inspired

Do you have suggestions for future programs? Books we can buy from the teacher, especially the Abhinaya Darpana

What most needs change/ improvement? Even more hours of classes


What was most useful? Refining everything I have learned so far

What was most enjoyable? The dance classes and the meditation of Swami Veda on Shivaratri

Anna Gergely:

Thank You

It was heartwarming, rejuvenating, touching time with your goddess like, full of love artiste and sacred women energy. We came here all 42 Hungarian women mostly dealing with our sacrality with full of questions, waiting for inner answers. You helped me a lot on why is dance a spiritual practice such as yoga. You helped me to decide myself finally to open myself, my inner love & peace for another soul – a little girl for my love (I have a 11 year old sweet boy from my previous marriage). Dance is love for God- a prayer itself and how you feel and live in it makes me so thankful and joyful. Dance will help me to give help to my baby, my family and still preserve myself for the God(dess). If God gives us a blessing of a baby girl, you will be in her. With lots of love


Thank you.! You pointed out to me what is important in life. Love, purity, modesty, gratitude, and wellness in all what we do.

Anna (from Hungary):

Dear Prakriti, the beauty and harmony of your art is so ancient, so worthy, the real sacred art. Thank you for deepening my understanding about life, art, movement of the human body. And thank you for the great joy being in your presence. You are a big piece of sweetness, clarity and love in my heart.

Kornhoffer Tunde:

Dear Prakriti I take with me from you and through your dance
-new points of view in understanding the life
-awakening of new ideas
-opening of heart, love, new forms of beauty.

Thank you


I have never heard such deep interpretation of emotions, many thanks for this. The biggest impression for me was when you shared you experiences from the time you spent with you master. This love that spread all around the room is unlike anything I’ve seen before, it moves me to tears even now if I think about it. Thank you for this amazingly deep honesty, I am deeply grateful for these wonderful teachings.


Dear Prakriti Bhaskar

I enjoyed you breathtaking way of teaching. It is nice to figure out, that because of your ENTHUSIASM (WE) I STARTED TO PRACTICE STRUCTURED. I take your tips back home in consciousness. WITH DEEP RESPECT, NAMASTE.

Tern Vinczl:

These teachings lifted my spirit. It moved such deep emotions in me we could glimpse quite deeply into the beauty of emotions. I was impressed by the elaborated details of this dance form and by the ways of expression as well. I loved the devotion shining from you.  I was deeply moved by the emotions for your Guru, the humble, caring respect I felt.  I can’t even put it into words, but I am deeply grateful for this sharing. Thank you, that I could be a part of this. LOVE.

Lea Sellinger:

The workshop was beautifully presented from start to finish, with carefully prepared slides and demonstrations such as the lecture demonstrations by students and short but insightful films. Throughout the whole retreat one class seemed to flow naturally into the next one and Prakriti easefully managed to keep our attention and enthusiasm for the whole time. And not only that, she infected me and many others with her great love for this beautiful art form. The amount of theory and practicum was very well balanced in her classes and especially the practical part allowed us to experience the art. She delivered the theoretical content from the scripture; “abhinaya darpanam” in a very appealing and joyful manner.

Towards the end of the workshop I truly felt that I could grasp what is behind this great art and I gained new valuable insights for my own sadhana.

I got much more from this workshop than I expected and am very thankful to have been able to participate

I it.  I am hopeful to have more workshops like this in the future.

I could strongly feel the love of Swami Veda and the guru lineage coming through in her teaching.

So Young:

What was most useful? Understanding Bharatnatyam is in tune with Yoga

What was most enjoyable? Practicum and Prakritiji’s vibration

Kindly share the impact of retreat on your practice: More focusing on joyful and stillness in movement
Additional comments: Art, when it is genuine, is the mirror of consciousness. You reminded me this point again. Thanks a lot. Actually my sadhana is to be constantly able to accept life as it is and to receive it as it comes. Through you class, I began to have awareness on that. Program was so great, but more your Presence!


What was most useful? How to learn and practice structured

What was most enjoyable? Your enthusiasm and variation.

Kindly share the impact of retreat on your practice: It connected to my own yoga practice.

Do you have suggestions for future programs? Maybe yoga-nidra’s warming up.

What most needs change / improvement? Maybe balancing in theory and practice

Geeta Sadhika:

What was most useful? The way you give us how ashtanga yoga works in dance.

What was most enjoyable? Practical class with mudra . In your presence I felt that SVB was flowing through you.

Kindly share the impact of retreat on your practice: I am going to practice these mudras before I began my morning worship & meditation.

Do you have suggestions for future programs? One should do this program every 6 months some time with pure Indians and sometime internationally.

Your eyes full of love and your sweet voice full of devotion touched my heart.


Thank you for helping me deepen my understanding of art.

The practice of dance and teaching for me united

  1. Creation of art
  2. Enjoying / embracing art
  3. The goal /essence  / gist of it

In creation

  1. Practice
  2. Internalization
  3. Merging / fusion – unity
  4. Evolution of creation.

Though the manifestation in the grace of the Guru the master piece

Took/takes me to silence – opens up my heart, gives me a chance to embrace.

Editor’s Note:

Photos can be seen in the articles “Rasasvada – Taste of Bliss” and “The Dance of Transformation” which are articles in this newsletter.

Also more photos can be seen at this link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10155147471643060&type=1



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