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TTP2 Retreat

by Riemke de Groot

(Editor’s Note: TTP stands for Teacher Training Program.)

TTP2 RETREAT MARCH 2017, especially written for those who are struggling or doubting in level 1.

Many of you might be, just like I was, stuck in the ttp 1 homework. And wondering if you want to finish it and continue with level 2. Just like I did. I really liked most of the homework, but for me the struggles were with the lesson plans and the videos.  I did like the assignments about personal practice and philosophy, but then again I stumbled. And, of course, many other things in life need attention and take time you wanted to use for study. So after 2 years, being little further than halfway, I talked it over with a friend who had just been to India for level 2. She convinced me to go on and told me some things about what level 2 would be. So I struggled on, to finish with joy, because the last few assignments were so beautiful to describe my whole process. And after 3 years I was ready to go to the ashram again where it turned out that everyone in our  group had taken many years for level 1: 3, 7 or 10 years!  Now we were eager to go on!

Our level 2 group was only 4: Vani, who is Indian and lives in Australia, XueMei from China, Erik from Norway, and me. As it was very crowded in the ashram with ttp students and guests, our classes were scheduled in the smallest building, under the trees, on the grassy edge of the campus. We really liked that place and within a few hours called it lovingly “our ttp 2 yoga cave”. There was a beautiful (unknown) picture of Swami Rama, meditating in nature, so inspiring. And like a cave and cave-teachings it was (or at least what I would imagine of intensive teacher – student-relationship in the caves). As our group was so small, there was plenty of time to ask questions, discuss our personal experiences and difficulties, and to practice teaching and give each other feedback and receive constructive feedback from the teachers.

The ttp weeks are always on a very tight schedule. On and on it went, but the classes seemed to flow naturally into one big stream of wisdom. From practice to philosophy to practice again and then how to teach that practice to others. And back to the backgrounds and philosophy. All topics we knew from level 1 getting broader and deeper. The same subjects presented and discussed from different perspectives, talked about by different teachers. Each of them using their own words and expertise. And even more precious: each of them telling openly and honestly about their personal experiences, their struggles and spiritual growth, often with stories about Swami Rama and Swami Veda. All teachers were also available for personal contact if we wanted or needed. And we did! In the second week we got special morning-classes with the level 2 asana's, which inspired me a lot and almost made me want to go home and start teaching again.

Before and after classes, walking to and from our cottages or during meals outside in the sun, we found some time to talk together, the four of us. Becoming friends and setting up the plan for our Sangha group. After this retreat we will meet on Skype at least once a month to support each other in the homework process (this sangha is in the level2 program). We decided to skip one morning meditation at the end of the second week to make a long walk along the Ganga and bond even more.

Then one by one we left, sharing contact details, presents and hugs. As I stayed for two more weeks, I could wave everyone goodbye and be the last one to leave our yoga-cave after having tidied up. Saying a silent prayer of gratitude for the Guru lineage and these two weeks full of inspiration, friendship and love. Thanks to all our teachers who spent so much time answering our never stopping stream of questions: Swami Radha, Stoma, Randall, John, Chandramani, Sonia and Rabindra.

As Stomaji wrote on Facebook: “This is a self-transformation program masquerading as a teacher training program. Take your time! How long did you go to college and professional school? Is your Self not at least as important as your profession? ” Level 2 will take also more than one year to go through, but it's not about the certificate, it's about spiritual growth. I suggested in my feedback that in the 12 month homework schedule the word “month” should be changed. To “step” or “chapter” or something like that. But even if it says “month 1, month 2” take your time and enjoy the studies, the assignments and the struggles. And talk it over with your mentor and friends. They can help you to continue on this spritual path of life.

Editor’s Note:

For more information about HYT-TTP (Himalayan Yoga Tradition – Teacher Training Program), please visit the website: http://www.hyt-ttp.com/



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