Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Meditation for Others’ Sake

by Swami Veda Bharati

[This passage has been taken from the book Meditation: The Art and Science by Swami Veda Bharati, published in 2008 by Wisdom Tree, New Delhi 110002, India].

I want to bring you back, away from what the urban industrial civilisation and its corporate structures and workplace requirements have done to your psychology and your reactions. Sometimes I get very sad about it, because the rest of the world keeps reinforcing this “me” in you. And once a year you hear something like this, and at that time you say, “Yes, we’d like to elevate ourselves” and so on. But you go back into that world and it’s again the same thought pattern. It keeps getting reinforced.  And people do not step out of this “me” syndrome. Without stepping out of this “me” syndrome, there is no meditation. Meditation is dropping the “me”. What do I get out of it? What do I receive from it? What benefits come to me? And now today I heard a new phrase I hadn’t heard before – “yoga entrepreneurship” or “yoga fashion”, or something comprising of pictures of someone in yoga poses, in a very glamorous form. Underneath, the credit line ran “Suit designed by…”, “photographs taken by…” No, it’s no joke. And yoga magazines and all… people add glamour. This is very painful to me.

I’m not against the signboard of the wineshop. There was this wandering sage who came to a village. And when people hear of someone holy, sacred, they just come to pay respects. And they don’t come to say, “What’s in it for me? What benefit will I get by seeing him?” They just come for his darshan. My whole childhood was spent that way. I’d travel from city to city and people would just come. There was no question; they’re not there to ask for help or something, nor to ask for solutions to their problems. They’re there just to be there, just to sit in the orbit called darshan. And nobody comes empty handed. And that’s how I spent my childhood; that way my cultural conditioning. And I’ll tell you a very personal secret. I struggled with the question of whether to telly you or not. Half the cause of my illness is people’s cultural self-centredness and confrontational attitude, and harsh tone of voice, and me, me, me – “Solve my problems”, “do a therapy with me”. And I have to soothe everyone and take their conflicts and sorrows inside me. And I like to spread joy; I don’t like to share my sadness, but there is this sadness in me – for you, about you, about your self-created pains, about your self-created suffering. Meditation is NOT a therapy. It’s not for gaining something. It’s not a secret of success. Don’t do self-centred meditation. Transcend this molecular shield, into which the live consciousness-essence, the conscious life-essence that is you, has infused itself to make this molecular shield become alive and have a semblance of awareness. Whether I succeed or I fail, I am going to keep trying to say this. Enough therapy, and enough benefits! “Entrepreneurial yoga”, or “yoga entrepreneurial” – my mouth gets stuck! The word doesn’t want to come out of my mouth. A curse word! We are not into success, successful centres, successful classes! Transcendence. Success will come incidentally if you abandon the claims to benefits. Then the benefits will flow, and you will take those benefits and share them. You will take from the basket and throw to the world. Step out of this block if you want to make progress.

You know, I have no time to meditate for myself. I really don’t. Because I promise so many people: “I will pray for you.” And on my list there are always 300 to 400 people every day. I have to find time for that. The prayer in meditation is a whole different art. It’s even subtler than the use of the mantra. And the yogis pray not the way the religious people pray. The way the religious people pray is not the way the yogis pray. Eliminate your conflicts and angers while inhaling a sense of wisdom, love and grace. That is the preparation for the next step. And that is exhaling beauty, love, energy, compassion, and sending it to the entire universe. It is inhalation of the pain and the suffering and the conflict of the entire universe, and being able to absorb inside – dissipating it inside. That’s just the beginning of the meditational prayer. Meditational prayer, for anyone, takes less than a quarter second to achieve the full result. It’s non-verbal; it’s a form of including someone in your field. Every mind, all the minds join the guru-field. All the minds join the guru-field and a single field is created.



The Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation

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