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Teacher Training

by Julia Lutz

Teacher Training at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama

I am writing this article as part of my Sadhana for which I came back to the Ashram a month after the TTP [teacher training program].

We all came to the Ashram for our first TTP, leaving behind families, homes, jobs, and many other things that usually make up our lives. Here we were, a diverse group of mixed ages, nationalities and backgrounds looking for transformation. In the introduction Sonia gave us the advice to conserve our energies for the intense training and spend our free time quietly. For most of us this was not practical during the first week as it was too exciting getting to know each other.

Among the students, we had a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka, people from across India, the USA, Hungary, Armenia, Austria, and Germany. Some had practiced yoga for years and one had a Master’s Degree in Yoga Science. Others had started recently with meditation and found AHYMSIN by chance on the internet. Whatever brought us here we became one group with a sense of belonging to this place at this time.
We were guided by our wonderful teachers and their inspiring talks. What seemed like a lot of theory and basics in the first days was soon implemented and became part of our experience as sadhakas. The key messages where about mindfulness, breath awareness, relaxation, cleansing, asanas, adhara, and prayer as preparation for meditation. Lectures on yoga philosophy and yoga psychology helped us to understand some of the functions of the mind. Swami Radha talked to us about mantra and the teachings from the Guru lineage. On Thursday we went on a trip to HIHT where we had a lecture on Ayurvedic principles and visited the Swami Rama Centre.

Towards the end of the first week we were welcomed by Swami Ritavan who acknowledged our commitment and encouraged us for another week of purification. A few days later Swami Ritavan invited us to meditate in the upstairs room where some of us experienced a new personal dimension.

The second week started colourful and loud as we were given a free day to play Holi. It was a nice group experience and everybody enjoyed the craziness. After that the program focused again on cleansing, asanas and meditation. We were also given opportunities for practice teaching and were reminded that, in order to be authentic, we need to ask the Guru to teach through us. Since not everyone had come to the TTP with the intention to become a teacher, these experiences were somewhat revealing. Further classes on food sadhana, the yamas and niyamas encouraged us to think about our personal life philosophy. Thursday was silence day with more and intense meditations as well as contemplative walking. We were given guidance on how to carry on with our self-study at home and received our certificates in a joyful ceremony.

On the last day we went on a group contemplative walk to Sadhana Mandir and enjoyed our regained freedom. Saying good bye we encouraged each other to keep in touch via the Student Portal and to meet again for TTP Level 2 in March 2018.

Editor’s Note:

HYT-TTP (Himalayan Yoga Tradition – Teacher Training Program) offers teacher training retreats at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) twice yearly, in March and in November.  For more information about these retreats, please see: http://www.hyt-ttp.com/india.html.



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