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    Retreat in South Korea

    8th – 11th May 2017

    Hosted by the Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies and Seonmaeul, there was a Yoga Retreat in the Himalayan Tradition 8th – 11th May 2017 at Heliance Seonmaeul in South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea.

    “We appreciate auspicious visits of you for Healience. All of participants in your authentic program based on Himalayan lineage have got inspiration from bottom of hearts. We are looking forward to your next visit for us. Thank you again for your teachings. Best wishes from all of us for your prosperity and happiness,” Park, Chang-Eun, who shared the photos and information about this retreat, has written.

    “The tradition of Himalaya Yoga and Meditation by Swami Rama follows the line of teachings from ancient yoga masters, infused with scientific methods. The Himalayan tradition is a pure yoga meditation method that does not follow a certain system of beliefs. Yoga training in the Himalayan tradition teaches students to sit in the correct posture, relax fully, and breathe properly. The program teaches students to purify thoughts and emotions for meditation, in addition to providing a systematic instruction for watching breathing, which integrates into all of the classes.” – from the brochure describing this event.

    Swami Ritavan Bharati, Ashutosh Sharma, Rabindra Sahu, Gye Mi-ryang, Hwang Bo-rim, and Kim Yeong-gi (Prahladini) guided this retreat.

    The program included hatha yoga under the Himalayan Tradition, silent meditation, joint and gland exercises, basic meditation in the Himalayan Tradition for beginners, yoga nidra, asana workshops, a class on the meaning and value of full moon meditation, and silent full moon meditation.

    The target groups:

    • People who are new to yoga
    • People who wish to train yoga more in-depth
    • People interested in meditation and silent training.

    The intentions of the program:

    • Relax the joints through yoga and relax the entire body to bring comfort to the mind.
    • Lead the students to understand that yoga and meditation are not difficult and bring them to approach yoga more easily.
    • Let the students understand that relaxation of the mind and body is required for meditation.

    Expected benefits from the program:

    • Understand that yoga is not high-intensity movements, but rather a series of comfortable breathing sessions and moving the body smoothly.
    • Understand that yoga is not just the movement of the body, but also includes various activities such as meditation and relaxation.
    • Understand that meditation is not separate from yoga movements, but also possible while the body is in movement.



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