Dear Yoga Mentor, My Question Is…

Sometimes students have written to or asked Swami Veda Bharati, Swami Ritavan Bharati, and other senior teachers in our tradition questions about practice.  This is one such “Question and Answer,” or Q&A.


Can anyone teach Sri Vidya to us since Swami Veda has left his body?


Three have answered this question: Swami Ritavan Bharati, Pandit Dabral, and Carolyn Hume.

From Pandit Dabral:

Yes, there are teachers in the Himalayan Tradition who can teach Shri Vidya and can also initiate into it.

From Swami Ritavan Bharati:

The person who asks such a question should first know about the essence of a living tradition, our Himalayan Tradition.

Once one understands these principles then, one prepares themselves.

Swami Veda has left specific instructions for all of us initiators in counseling such questions on the practices of Shri Vidya. In the ashram at SRSG, we continue to follow such dharmas of practices and disciplines in the lineage of Shri Vidya and guiding accordingly.

From "The Himalayan Tradition" booklet by Swami Veda.

Among the great teachers of this tradition are Swami Rama and his direct teacher Bengali Baba, as well as his [Bengali Baba's] master Mahavatar Baba, also known as Babaji of the Himalayas.

The knowledge of the tradition is passed on in one line - from teacher to student. The student who is qualified for this will ultimately become a teacher who passes on the knowledge and practice of a further generation of aspirants.

The yogis of this tradition are the founders and preservers of Shri-Vidya, the science of which all the paths of yoga and meditation radiate.

Among other things, they transmit their deep knowledge and deepened states of consciousness through initiation.

From time immemorial, the tradition has been passed on experientially in an unbroken chain of master-disciple relationships. A meditation guide in this tradition is required to be able to create a common mind-field when leading a class or a group in meditation. The guide must be able to induce a meditative state by his/her mere presence and voice. A guide may only do so to the degree to which s/he is qualified and authorized.

Initiators of the Tradition have received the Grace of the Himalayan lineage to become a vehicle for such transmission.

From Carolyn Hume:

The task of the student is to prepare oneself. As Swami Rama has said, "It is true that when the disciple is ready, the master appears and gives the appropriate initiation."

Editor’s Notes:

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There is a chapter named “Our Tradition” in the book Living with the Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama.

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