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My Experience with TTP

by Geeta Sadhika

I have written this short passage to share my experience of Himalayan Tradition Treacher Training Program at SRSG under the guidance, blessings and love of Swami Veda (my Gurudeva, a mother in a father’s body).

I was a gurukulam student at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) since 2007 and thought that, “what I know in gurukulam is enough, I don’t have to do TTP." I was avoiding the take part in the program as other students were also doing.

When I came to SRSG, my English was zero.  I have put so much effort to learn English. In gurukulam we had such a busy routine, we had to run from one class to the next, from morning 4am to 10pm evening, there was no time for self study and homework. When TTP started I just went to the TTP classes out of love of Swamiji, but I could not understand what the teacher was saying. It was a great struggle for me, but I always felt encouraged by the love of Swamiji.

I always remember Peter's anatomy classes. I was so tired from the gurukulam schedule that I would always fall asleep in his class, every time. At the end he would always have to wake me up.

I felt discouraged with TTP many times, expecially because of language, but every time Swami Veda would gather the gurukulam students, he would ask who has progressed in TTP and no one would answer. I felt bad about that so I talked to the TTP organizer Maryon who helped me a lot with the assignments. Medha also helped me with my practice and teaching. After a long time I finally completed the first level.

The day I completed level one, Swamiji said to me “Beta, I know you are not doing TTP for this piece of paper, but take it from me anyway“.  He gave me the level one participation certificate.

After level one, it was much more work to complete level two. Then level three came, and I got totally discouraged. I wanted to quit many times, but some important friends like Siddhartha Krishna encouraged me to continue and to fulfill Swamiji’s wish for me to do TTP.

When the time came for me to to the TTP level 3 written exam, it took me a full 12 hours. After doing it I was exhausted.

After the written exam, I was called for the practical teaching exam. On my first attempt I failed and was told that I was not well prepared. Again I got discouraged and wanted to quit, but finally I decided that even if I have to do the exam over and over I will not quit because I wish to do this for my Gurudeva.

Finally, on the second attempt, I received a lot of positive feedback on my teaching exam and I was passed.

After Swami Veda left his body, I was presented with the 600 hours teaching certificate.

It took such a long time to get through all of the TTP and during this time my life has changed. I have learned much about yoga and teaching and have learned English as well. I am grateful to my Gurudeva, ma, a mother in a father’s body.

Om Shanti; Shanti; Shanti.

Editor’s Note:

For more information about the teacher training program, please visit the website http://www.hyt-ttp.com/.  In March and November, Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) hosts teacher training program training sessions.



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