Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

e-Books Now Available!

by Himalayan Yoga Publications Trust

Himalayan Yoga Publications Trust is pleased to announce that many of Swami Veda’s books and booklets are now available as e-books from www.amazon.com as well as www.amazon.in
More than twenty titles, including Night Birds, Meditation the Art and Science, My Experiments with Yoga Nidra, Smrti Yoga: Yoga of Memory, What is Shri-Vidya: An Elementary Introduction, as well as many others are now available for purchase as e-books.

To purchase physical copies of these, or any other of Swami Veda’s publications, please visit Himalayan Yoga Publications Trust online at www.yogapublications.org.

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Night Birds Book Cover   Meditation Art Science Book Cover   Yoga Nidra Book Cover

Smriti Yoga of Memory Book Cover   Shri Vidya Book Cover



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