Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

September Board Meeting

by Rajini Prakash

News from AHYMSIN BOARD MEETING – September 2017

A subtle, yet palpable energy seemed to linger like a blessing as family members of the AHYMSIN Executive Committee (EC) met on 9th September 2017 to discuss means by which to strengthen offerings to the Guru and the Sangha.

Swami Ritavan Bharati opened the meeting by invoking the grace of the Guru and said: “As we gather in the presence of the Guru in honouring the Tradition, the saints and sages and our beloved Swami Veda Bharatiji, we draw our mind to that inner sphere of light, resting our attention completely in the light of the Being, the very life-force that is breathed through us from within, thereby through God’s grace creating each individual, creating each personality as a spark of that divinity, that very life-force breathed into each and every one of us, the life-force, the consciousness, the light, the love.”

Senior Vice-President Mr Shih Hung extended a very warm welcome and reminded members that the meeting format had changed to enhance effectiveness of the discussions that would, in turn, better serve the mission of AHYMSIN.

Visiting your spiritual home: AHYMSIN guest services mentioned that in accordance to Swami Veda’s directions SRSG is dedicated to sadhakas who sincerely seek to pursue the spiritual path.

Guest services also drew the attention of members to Swami Veda’s dearest wish that sangha members visit SRSG on a regular basis to further their spiritual progress.

If you have not done so as yet, please write to [email protected] informing of your visit to the ashram. Your spiritual home awaits you.

Education: TTP Level 1 is scheduled for November 2017. Outreach programmes – several firsts of their kind – such as the event in Bangalore for South Indian initiates have been planned for later this year.

Publications: The eagerly awaited books Life Beyond Knowledge and Timeand Swami Rama: Majestic Master, Mysterious Mystic are released.

Exciting options for purchase of books on different platforms have been explored. Watch out for the newsletter article by John Sellinger informing of this.

Managing Director of AHYMSIN: Shri Rabindra Sahu has been appointed the new Managing Director of AHYMSIN at SRSG.

Speaking of his appointment, Swami Ritavan has said: “With our Beloved Swami Veda’s blessings, His vision of the next generation of leaders has been the nurturing force for Rabindra Sahu, who after two years of progressive responsibilities now will carry the title of AHYMSIN Managing Director for SRSG – AHYMSIN World-wide Headquarters.”

Watch out for the newsletter article introducing to the Sangha our kalyana-mitra and a dedicated sadhaka, Rabindra Sahu. [Ed: See next article 05 for more on Rabindra]

Swami Ritavan gently reminded: “May we remember our beloved Swami Veda’s message: ‘If you love me, you will love each other.’”



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