Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Strength and Power of the Sangha

by Ilaria Sarri

At the end of August, the Italian TTP class met all together in a very beautiful and peaceful place in Tuscany, for its residential week of practice and exams with Ashutosh Sharma and the Italian Teachers.

It was amazing to see how this family is growing and expanding.

It's not easy to resume what takes place during the residential seminars of the TTP: something special and, in a certain sense, magic happens, and it's possible to feel the intensity and the depth of emotions and sensations that, day by day, flow in the practice and in the exams with Ashutosh and the Italian Teachers.

Smiles, a lot of smiles, but even tears, hugs, laughter, words ... many words! And then deep silences, full and rich of meanings for each one of us.

And then, sharing, awareness, respect, acceptance of oneself and of the others, compassion, listening, empathy, support, brotherhood, friendship, union, freedom, love ... a lot of love!

A big family that, day by day, becomes stronger, a group that supports each other in deep processes of breaking down mental schemes, blocks and conditionings, and where each one is the mirror, for the other, of love, intensity, affection, and of a presence that is free from each kind of judgment.

Connections that will last forever: this is the strength and the power of the sangha.

With Love and Gratitude to the Lineage,
Om shanti

Editor’s Note:

For more about Himalayan Yoga Institute Firenze, please visit their website: http://www.himalayanyogainstitute.it/




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