Sadhana in Applied Spirituality

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by Himalayan Yoga Publications Trust

Swami Veda’s beautiful book, Sadhana in Applied Spirituality has been a much loved handbook of Swami Veda’s teachings on sadhana and self-transformation in communication, in relationsips and in daily life.  We are proud to announce that, due to popular demand, this book is once again in print, and with a beautiful new cover.

The following is the last statement of Swami Veda Bharati before taking the five-year vow of silence, at the gathering of the Sangha, 9th March 2013.

“For your next five years and for the rest of your life,

whatever mālās you do,
whatever mantras you do,
whatever breathing you do, do continue these, and, 

in order to avoid getting trapped by

feeling of power, feeling of position,
feeling of your worldly station - identifying too closely with it, and then dealing with other people on that basis of your assumed station,

to avoid all of that, you need to do these practices as taught in Sadhana in Applied Spirituality.
These are not practices that you do sitting down. These are what you do in your

daily emotions,
voice quality,

This is much more difficult than sitting down with your mala for twenty minutes a day. Do sit with your mala, but do practice this application in your daily life.”

– Swami Veda Bharati, 9th March 2013.

To order your new copy of Sadhana in Applied Spirituality, please visit www.yogapublications.org or send us an email at [email protected].



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