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Teacher Training in March

March 11 – 24, 2018, Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) will host a two week Himalayan Yoga Tradition Teacher Training Program (HYT-TTP) training session.

Why Become a Yoga Teacher in our Tradition?

Our program will deepen your personal development so
that you can transmit authentic yoga teachings to others,
not only from a storehouse of academic knowledge, but
also from a depth of personal experience.


More information about the Himalayan Yoga Tradition - Teacher Training Program (HYT-TTP) can be found at the website http://www.himalayanyogatradition.com/ [Editor's note: Same website as www.hyt-ttp.com]

As Rabindra Sahu has written (last month)

“The next HYT-TTP Level-One and Level-Two retreat at SRSG is from March 11-24, 2018.

To register for Level One, go to www.hyt-ttp.com and choose “Student Application” under the topic “Teacher Training.” (http://www.hyt-ttp.com/progression.html#apply). Then submit. If you have registered once, please do not register again.

For the level-2 students, it’s important to note that the ‘Mentors need to approve a student before the student comes to the next level.’…

Please communicate with us and your mentors regularly as to what your plans are in order to have a fruitful and long lasting association. Just ask, check in with Rabindra or Maryon Maas at [email protected].”

Editor's Note:

For details on the HYT-TTP website please see: http://www.himalayanyogatradition.com/india.html



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