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      AHYMSIN NEWSLETTER, ISSUE - December 2017 

    December AHYMSIN BoD Meeting

    by Pandit Priyadarshan

    With a majority of the members present attending from Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG), the last AHYMSIN Board of Directors and Executive Committee meeting of 2017 was held on December 2nd.  The main topic for discussion was the area of communications.

    After a short prayer and an introduction by Swami Ritavan, the sixteen members who were participating in the meeting delved into discussions on several updates that were shared.  Here is a gist of the meeting’s content. 

    The work on the new AHYMSIN website is going well.  At present, the web content is being completed by the AHYMSIN youth group.  Once it is finalised, contacts will be made for creating the design and site itself.  The site will eventually contain more on-line facilities, as on-line registration, accommodation bookings, travelling teacher schedules, etc. 

    Along with the previous, the ongoing effort to update and complete the AHYMSIN database is now going well forward with the help of seva sadhakas.  Once completed, this important component will allow easier and wider sharing of the AHYMSIN activities with the worldwide sangha. 

    Himalayan Yoga Publication Trust recently purchased new equipment to facilitate the video editing of Swami Veda’s recorded lectures.  Among other things, the main emphasis of the video team will be on editing Swami Veda’s lectures and lecture courses, to make them available on DVD and downloadable format.  Short excerpts from his teaching for the internet social medias will also be produced. 

    Swami Ritavan closed the meeting with a short meditation and a few words of wisdom, inviting everyone to continue helping to spread of the knowledge from the Tradition. 




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