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Sometimes students have written to or asked Swami Veda Bharati, Swami Ritavan Bharati, and other senior teachers in our tradition questions about practice.  This is one such “Question and Answer,” or Q&A.


"When the sun and moon meet at the muladhara chakra that is called amavashya, the new moon day. Close by, kundalini sleeps in adharakunda. The aspirant who wishes to rouse kundalini seeks to control his mind and to confine the moon to its place and the sun to its place, so that the moon cannot shed its nectar nor can the sun dry it. When this occurs and when at the same time the place of nectar becomes dried by the svadhishthana fire with the help of vayu, then kundalini awakens herself." ~SWAMI RAMA, Path of Fire and Light, Vol 1 (pg 77)

Too mystical and esoteric. Those who know what has been expressed and experienced the same, may [you] please shed more Light on the above post? How to make the energies of the sun and moon meet at the muladhara? How to find if the nectar is really flowing into the chakras or is it another whims and fancies of the hallucinating mind or is it another vikalpa ? Any lectures by Gurudev Swami Rama on the same? Also, How to know at what level one has reached in the various energy centres? How to know the right vayu is flowing and dried up in the swa-adhishthana? Any pointers to the mystical poetry and different sutras with simple and practical explanation would be really much appreciated. In, reverence and gratitude. Om jai gurudev.


Two have answered this question: Stephen Parker (Stoma) and Wolfgang Bischoff.

From Stephen Parker (Stoma)

Everybody wants to stir up Kundalini and control this energy. People don’t understand that they are talking about the potential energy of entire macrocosmic universe operating on your body. SVB would often say that for all but a very few people on the face of the earth, putting that much current through an unprepared subtle body presents so much resistance to the current that that body would incinerate. For almost everyone, the awakening of Kundalini is very gradual process over a number of lifetimes and I am happy to await that gradual flow of grace. If we take our time to prepare the ground through going more deeply into the subtlety of the fundamentals, especially breath awareness and the process of making the flow of prana long and subtle per Patanjali (YSII. 49-53) then the appropriate movements of prana will happen spontaneously when the ground is prepared. SVB used to refer to this as “lazy man’s yoga” not because it didn’t involve efforts, but because the focus is not on technique but on refinements of fundamental subtleties.

From Wolfgang Bischoff:

Swami Rama was 3 times in my house visiting my family and our Institut. During his second stay he called me early in the morning around 4am and asked for an important letter of a doctor. I told him that this letter was on my desk in my office 15 minutes from us away and I asked him whether I shall run over and get it. He said no, not necessary, kneel down and open your hands, look to the ceiling and out of the air came the letter flying like a butterfly. When I was holding the letter in my hands, the miracle was over and he asked me what I think.

So I answered that I was surprised and whether he can teach me that siddhi. He answered:

“Be patient and practice the simple method of breath awareness and meditation every day. If you are selfless in your actions and honest, full of love and dedication in your meditation, everything which is important for your special destiny will happen by itself. You have to do nothing. Realise the fact that you cannot breathe in and not breathe out. Every inhalation and exhalation you get every moment new as a present for which you have nothing to do, from a power which loves and respects you as you are, with all your weaknesses and strength. Realising that will show you the power of non acting while you true and honest practise meditation in life in the way of selfless service for humanity.“

So I asked Guruji why he has written the books Path of Fire and Light, 1 and 2. And he answered: “I regret that I have written and published Volume 1. It is a knowledge which should not be published but I was persuaded to do so.”

I said that all the described practises gave me an impression of a very complicated hard life and that I may need several lifetimes to achieve anything important. He answered:

“No, that is not true. You can achieve anything in this lifetime even in this moment when you learn to practice with an open heart, an open mind, doing nothing only experiencing yourself as a witness. Truth will come to you in its own ways, you only have to open yourself for it. Become a good receiver, the Himalayan Masters send their messages all the time, you only do not receive that messages.”

So he encouraged me, not to imitate anybody, not even Swami Veda, who was a great soul in himself, but cannot be copied by anybody. He said find your own destiny through selfless service and a simple way of meditation, doing nothing but enjoying to sit still, becoming silent and starting to wonder like a little child about everything, which happens then by itself.

From my point of view, that is the most simple way and at the same time the most complex practice he ever gave me, and it takes all my life to learn this simplicity. From that time on, I tried to live a life in the service of others and practise nearly every day at 3 am in the morning. I try to listen to people and stopped preachingly teaching them; instead I opened my heart and mind, learned to asked questions and to understand the human being sitting in front of me. I stopped pretending to be a teacher and started to become a friend who lovingly shares with others what the celestial world is presenting to me. Since then I started to enjoy life because it became easy and beautiful and lost the hardness of effort and greed for spiritual achievements. They come by themselves when you are honest, pure enough. So I slowly understood Guruji’s teaching : If you want to make one step ahead in meditation, first do 2 steps ahead in your ethical development of self realisation ( according to the Yamas and Niyamas ).

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