Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Ten Days Silence in SRSG

by Shunyaa Tsai


Thanks for the great teaching of the Himalayas masters.


Silence does not just shut up, but is more about the peace within you.

This ten days silence retreat for me was a prayer of my 2018.

The most powerful experiences of this retreat are walks in our contemplative Garden and every afternoon relaxation guide by SVBji’s recording.

Every day I walk around the entire SRSG 3 laps before going to contemplative Garden as a warm-up.

Psychologically speaking to the body gradually more aware of walking, while relaxing.

Into the contemplative garden, into a fusion of breathing and mantra while walking.

I feel slowly walking out of every step of my mind to slow down, as the comb combs hair in general, my thoughts slowly being trimmed flat. In the morning you can enjoy the purification of the mind under the morning sun light, walking slowly through the heart. Slowly slow down, and finally only feel the touch of the feet feel the ground, all quiet so simple and beautiful.

Then enter Swamiji’s initiation room and sit for meditation, it is just like sitting with the old friend who waiting for us for long … who missed us for long, and after long way to flight, long preparation had been done and finally we meet in meditation.

No doubt, we will come back again and again for meeting OUR-SELF.
No doubt, we will practice after we back to our own country.
No doubt, we will meet again and again to see LOVE from Guru’s invisible company.
We can do it, we will do it, we love to do it.
Because that is our fate to knowing the one.

Shunyaa Tsai



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