• Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

    A Small Offering

    by Shauna Tuttle

    [Editor’s note: Shauna wrote this poem to Swami Veda (4 June 2018), writing, “I am missing your outline in my outward landscape…May my words be a small offering to your loving presence in my life. With loving gratitude always and a few tears too.”]

    We can trust our knowing nature.
    Letting go happens so naturally, when we have faith in our lived experience, an aligning, knowing from both still and stirred spaces.
    Here I don’t need to worry about what motivates your outline or its shifting landscapes.
    My lens looks inside for our connection to blossom.
    We have walked the shoreline multitudes of times throughout our history. Faith is a landscape that breathes and shifts, growing our capacities with more and more ease as we swim.
    We are explorers of the vast and open spaces, those breathing oceans between landscapes of time and place. We have become harmonious in nature as the waves dance playfully and then become a beautiful stillness just before they storm again!
    We are that aliveness that is ever breathing now.
    Did you even notice the shoreline shifting? Faith has a new outline this morning!
    She seems to shift and open our experience, her own breath becomes our own breathing, an off the grid expansion of our own consciousness as loving.
    Her love holds our attention expertly, supporting our unfolding expansion into this cosmic bliss, as a lived love happening now.
    The boundaries that held our faith now align in freedom as streams of space, lifting as they draw us closer to source as bliss and blessing.

    Shauna Tuttle
    4 June 2018



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