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The Fountainhead of Worship

by Swami Veda

Book Cover: Mantra and Meditation by Swami Veda Bharati[This passage has been taken from the booklet titled “Unifying Streams in Religions” by Swami Veda Bharati, published by Himalayan Yoga Publications Trust.]

It must be admitted, not tongue-in-cheek, but without hesitation and with conviction, that there are forces besides human ones that are the fountainhead from which all urge to worship proceeds, and which further teach all ‘chosen peoples’ in all centuries and all nations even the way to worship. It is their presence that is the unifying stream among all our religions. It is not mere Jungian theory we reiterate; rather we are emphasising the deep personal spiritual experience that has guided all branches of humanity in tandem and in parallel streams throughout history. It is because of this common source in the Divine Forces that so many symbols, forms, rituals, and verbal or art forms are shared among religions. Homage to these Forces of No-names and All Names!

Religion is (a) experienced internally and (b) is expressed, shared, externally to influence social functions at many different levels simultaneously. It is so because it derives its impulse from many different areas and states of human mind that do not often operate cohesively. Yet in the background there remains a trans-mental divine and spiritual source from which it originates as revelation and inspiration. The original inspiration may become sullied. Divergences could enrich. Instead, they often divide, because of the states of mind of later followers. The common stream of inspiration, however, is never lost and continues to show itself throughout human experience, guiding human beings to much that is noble, beautiful, non-violent, harmonious, and infinitely loving.

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