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November 2019 Newsletter

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“Remember the first sutra of the Yoga Sutras. Everybody talks of yoga, yoga, yoga, but where is ‘yoga anushasanam’, the discipline of yoga. ‘Atha yoga anushasanam’—‘Now the discipline of yoga,’ is the very first sutra of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.” – Swami Ritavan Bharati in “Is an Ashram for Me?”

Swami Ritavan Bharati is scheduled to be in residence at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) December 7 until 29, 2019. He is scheduled to be in Americas January 2020; then back to SRSG February 7, 2020, and all of March and April 2020.

Ongoing programs are offered at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) in Rishikesh, India, with the purpose to teach and make available the knowledge of yoga meditation within the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters, as taught by Swami Rama and Swami Veda Bharati. Individual and group study programs of meditation, hatha yoga, pranayama, relaxation, and yoga philosophy are taught within the Himalayan Tradition. Aspirants from all spiritual traditions and all walks of life are welcome. A daily schedule is provided. As the AHYMSIN Office staff writes, “You may come anytime during the year; come alone or with family and friends.” In addition, special retreats, seminars and workshops are offered throughout the year and can be seen at Upcoming Events.

At SRSG in December and January, there will be Mauni Amavasya Silence Retreats with Swami Ma Radha Bharati as well as recurring Six-day Retreats of Maunam - Guided Silence Practice and Superconscious Meditation - Level 1.

Upcoming Events

Our Upcoming Events web page has been updated with many new events and retreats. For more information, please check the link or contact [email protected] for more information about these and other programs. Links to listings to other websites are also provided there.

Share Your News!

We invite you to share what is happening in their centers and your experiences, insights, and questions. With such sharing, we can learn more about one another and strengthen one another in our sadhana, becoming a true “sangha”. We welcome your articles. You can write to [email protected]

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Full Moon Timings

  • 10 PM in New York. Surrounding countries and regions of South, Central and North America and the Caribbean to match their time to 10 PM New York time.
  • 8 PM in U.K. (London Time).Those in all European, and all African time zones, please adjust your sitting time to coincide with 8 PM United Kingdom.
  • 8 PM in East Asia, 8 PM Singapore time. Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand etc. adjust their times to coincide with Singapore time 8 PM.
  • 7 AM in India (IST), surrounding countries adjust the time accordingly, for example Iran is 5 AM.

Also, Toronto "Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Society of Ontario" members meet at 9:00 pm (local).



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