lord shiva
Lord shiva
Himalayan “Insight-Seeing” Tour from 21-25 March, 2010

Enjoy the spiritual richness and the natural beauty of the Himalayas during the early spring season. This five day trip includes some of the most spectacular and inspiring views of the region known as “Dev Bhumi,” Land of the Gods. The power of nature and devotion come together to make available to the traveler a fulfilling tour experience.

Camp Kedar
Camp Kedar - where we will stay for four nights

Day 1 We will depart early morning by bus from Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama in Rishikesh and wind our way through the Garwhal Himalaya, along rivers and terraced landscape to our base camp (known as Camp Kedar), where we shall overnight for the next four nights. This newly built tourist facility above the town of Guptakashi, is a 165 kilometer drive from our point of origin. We’ll take in the evening light and mountain views, enjoy supper together and prepare for the next day’s activities.

Day 2 Yoga in the Himalayas starts our day (and every day of our journey hereafter) before breakfast. Views of the Chaukumba peek, seen from the yoga hall will naturally inspire and energize our practice. Today we get to know the immediate surroundings with some gentle hikes of two and three kilometers in the vicinity, visiting local village temples, enjoying nature through wood and fields as we walk. We’ll venture on our treks before and after lunch, finishing our day with a sumptuous evening meal prepared by our kitchen staff.

Gupta Kashi
The shrine of Ardhanariswara at Guptakashi

Day 3 Before lunch we head off on a 6 kilometer trek to the banks of the Kali-Ganga River, site of the Kalimath temple. This temple is devoted to the worship of Kali, the ferocious Devi goddess of time and transformation. Some say the vibrations of Kali’s energy are palpable here. We head back to camp by mini bus for lunch, rest and prepare for our afternoon adventure in Guptakashi. Guptakashi is known for the famous Vishwanath Temple complex. The revered temples at this spot sit behind a pool fed by two underground tributaries of the holy waters of the rivers Ganga and Yamuna. Here pilgrims also pay homage to the balance of opposing forces at the shrine of Ardhanarishwar, the temple deity depicted as half Shiva, half Shakti.

Day 4 We head off by road this early morning to Chopta village, where we start our 3 kilometer climb to this highest of the five major Shiva temples of the Himalaya, situated at a height of 3,660 meters. According to the ancient text, Skanda Purana, Shiva tells Parvati that whoever has darshan and seeks the blessing of Tungnath attains spiritual salvation regardless of the place of his death. On the way back to camp we stop off at Uhkimath. Ukhimath receives its spiritual relevance by being the home of the Omkareshar Shiva temple, winter seat of the famed Kedarnath shrine. When Kedarnath is buried deep in snow the priests come down in procession to Ukhimath to do their worship.

kartik swami temple
Kartik Swami Temple at an elevation of 3048mts.

Day 5 As we head home, awe- inspiring views of the Himalayas can be taken in at the Kartik Swami temple, devoted to the worship of Kartikeya. The temple is a three kilometer trek from the trail head at Kanakchowry. Legend says that Kartikeya, the son of Shiva and Parvati, came here in a huff when his mother granted the Raj Tilak to Ganesha (his brother).

We reach Rishikesh in time for supper. All throughout, competent and experienced guides will share information and stories, opening mind and soul to the deeper qualities of this travel.

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Participants should be in good health and able to trek. Please register on or by Feb 25. For registration and cost information please contact us with this form