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March 2015 Newsletter

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April 4th

Whole Hearted (book cover)Social Media Marketing Seva: Swami Veda’s new book Whole Hearted: Applied Spirituality for Everyday Life soon will be available on Amazon. This book is targeted for the Western audience and has been edited specifically to be accessible for the general public. We need a volunteer to handle the Social Media Marketing (i.e.: creating and maintaining a Facebook page for the book, Twitter account and other medium). Please contact Dr. Mehrad Nazari by email, [email protected] or by phone 858-395-8083 (USA).

Swami Veda received birthday wishes this month, including this video from AHYMSIN Thailand: facebook video The mantra that Swamiji is reciting in the video is the Maha-mṛtyunjaya Mantra.

Swamiji writes

“…my prayer remains that with my actions I justify the privilege of having been given a human body for the service of many.”

Maryon Maass will be leaving her position in the HYT-TTP Office at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama and returning to California. We have been blessed by her sewa at SRSG and wish her well in her continuing journey. Rabindra Sahu will be taking on the responsibilities in the SRSG HYT-TTP Office. Please look for news of the March HYT-TTP retreat in the April newsletter.

Good news from Jagadananda Das on 22nd February, “I am happy to have finally received a copy of the Yoga-taraṅgiṇī, which has been published by Motilal Banarsidass with the Himalayan Yoga Publications Trust.”

Two videos with Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati (click on title):

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March 2015 Newsletter Articles

  1. The Silent World by Swami Veda Bharati
  2. Ten Commitments by Swami Rama
  3. From Gurukulam Student to Pandit by Rajini Prakash
  4. Yoga for Children by Rajah Indran
  5. From Burkina Faso to India to Rwanda by Marie-Noëlle Grell
  6. The Guru's Shawl by Stephen Parker (Stoma)
  7. Conference at Mangalore University by Pandit Priyadarshan (Pierre Lefebvre)
  8. Conference on Yoga for Wellness by Dr. Prabhu
  9. Dear Yoga Mentor, My Question Is…
  10. Peaceful Conflict Resolution by Daniel Hertz
  11. New Book by Swami Veda by Dr. Mehrad Nazari
  12. Yoga Tarangini by Swami Veda Bharati
  13. Inspirations by Meeta Jagtap

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8 PM

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10 PM

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