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AHYMSIN Board Meeting July 2018

by Rajini Prakash

It is always a joyous occasion when family members of the AHYMSIN Executive Committee (EC) come together for a meeting once every quarter. The Board meeting took place on 21st July 2018, in which 14 members participated.

Swami Ritavan blessed the gathering with a rendition of the prayer –
OM Saha nav avatu, Saha nau bhunaktu… OM Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.

‘Salutations and greetings from SRSG (showing photo of Swami Veda’s Initiation Room), you see the representation of the Guru in the paduka – sandals of the guru – which represent the Guru spirit, the Guru’s presence.

At this special time (Guru-purnima) we are embracing the presence of the Guru spirit in the daily havan and akhanda-japa recitation of Guru Gita. Akhanda mandalakaram … sri guruve namah; Swaha – making thousands of offerings to the guru spirit on behalf of the entire AHYMSIN community. We dedicate and celebrate together with the theme of Ahimsa, Aparigraha, Ishwara-pranidhana as our 40-day observance of Guru-purnima. Trust you are enjoying the many beautiful pictures and inspirations shared daily through our social media network.

Now, may I introduce our minute silence to connect with the guru spirit.
OM Shreem Gurave Namaha.’

First report noted the major construction initiatives underway at SRSG to enhance the dining, teaching, and lodging facilities for guests, our sadhakas in support of their quest for spiritual progress. More on this will be shared in a separate newsletter article.

Our second report noted an equally important initiative to promote the global centre relations with AHYMSIN at SRSG to enable strengthening the Sangha to take forward Swami Veda’s mission. We will coordinate a group effort for members dedicating their efforts to this particular aspiration that was so dear to beloved Swamiji. And also, expand AHYMSIN’s presence on the internet – there are more than 4000 members the AHYMSIN Facebook group with many photos and quotes on Instagram and Twitter. You are invited to join if you’ve not already done so.

The third report announced that Teacher Training Program (TTP) will conduct Levels 1 and 3 this November. Aspiring teachers are invited to participate by writing to [email protected]. Your enquiry will be forwarded to the TTP team who will get in touch with you. Information is also available on himalayanyogatradition.com

Our fourth report summarized the Outreach programmes by our Travelling Teachers and Ashram Pramukh on behalf of AHYMSIN. These programmes offered regionally are growing in attendance reaching greater numbers of seekers world-wide. Plans for future programmes include: Sabah [Malaysia], Thailand, Japan, Trinidad, South Africa, South India and more.

A final report noted that the Guest Services team at SRSG are developing greater skill in addressing the inquiries of those sadhakas looking for an ashram with a quality daily programme of meditation and yoga. Unless their visit is during specific events, every sadhaka will be encouraged to follow a spiritual plan designed to support their spiritual progress while at the Ashram (for a minimum of three days). Advancement in their practices during their stay at SRSG will also be available. Swami Ritavan commented that the current theme is bringing back the teachings of a living lineage, and where one can experience the depth of the Himalayan Tradition in learning and applying their practices for spiritual development.

Swami Ritavan drew attention to the planned events at SRSG: the non-initiate retreat will take place in August. During October, an initiates’ retreat along with Navaratri (9-days of Mother Divine) with special japa of Lalita-sahasranama, puja, and silence; and later in the month, a Yoga and Martial Arts Workshop. In November, the Yoga & Science of Breath, and TTP [Ed: Teacher Training Program] will take place. In December, we have the youth and families coming together at Christmas time. In end February and early March 2019, we have our Sangha Gathering. Those of you that are planning to visit SRSG this year/early next year, you are invited to write to [email protected]. [Please check the Upcoming Events.]

Swami Ritavan closed the meeting with a reading of Gurudeva’s profound words in OM: The Eternal Witness:

“The Guru within you, the Light within you deals with all the problems. It deals better than the living Guru outside. The purpose of living Guru outside is to make you aware of the Guru within you. You need to practice that. That is way of purifying the mind, unconscious mind in meditation.

As fire purifies the gold, unconscious mind and entire reservoir--the storehouse, can be purified by offering all that I have stored within to the fire of knowledge by saying OM Guruve Namaha.

Namaha means namam, nothing belongs to me. Everything belongs to the Light of Light. When nothing belongs to me, what right do I have to offer? So far, I was under the impression and notion that all these thoughts were mine. I am free, they are not mine.”

Let us share in the guru’s light of love and light and to open your heart and mind through constant remembrance through service and through love.

May you remember us as we remember you in our daily prayers.

OM; Namaste.



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