AHYMSIN newsletter, issue - July 2011  

Himalayan Neem Nursery

by Sunil Trikha

I revel in unraveling the mysterious ways in which the energy of the Guru, Gurutva in Guru-Tatva (magnetism in Guru force) operates as to how, why and when to initiate, undertake, channel or maintain any or every course of an action. And from That source, an ordinary word, a casual glance, a gesture or a non-verbal intention operates so effectively at the subtle level that it cuts across all the obstacles and makes itself manifest in the physical world.

Swamiji’s spiritual instruction (How many trees can you plant this year and watch over them like your own children?) came like a jolt to shake a slumber of about eight long years. During all those years, I had been thinking and making plans of planting trees in and around Ludhiana, my home town. The implementation came only after Swamiji’s instruction as if I were waiting for a nod ‘yes, go ahead’. And the next morning, I found myself in the fields of forest department, purchasing Neem saplings.

The meaning of the instruction's words has always had meaning for me in this way …

‘How many’ as … how much;
‘trees’ as …  grow, evolve;
‘can you plant’ as … the will, capacity, ability;
‘this year’ as …  short time, just a year; let’s begin it now;
‘watch over them’ as … monitor, observe your own progress, growth;
‘like your own children’ as … expanding consciousness thereby encompassing the Whole, beyond personal possessions / relations.

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And thereby, the process started. The project was discussed with my colleagues, friends and neighbors who extended their loving support. Few funds were raised to execute the drive, gardeners were engaged and appointments fixed with Park Management Committees in different areas of the city.

After about a month, when we had completed the task of planting 1000 Neem saplings and successfully organized plantation of another 250 Neem saplings and 500 plants in D.P.S. School and Guru Nanak Engineering College respectively we came to know that it was not over but we were on an unending mission of making plantation a regular feature of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Association of Ludhiana.  

And to achieve the goal, a “mother sapling” that was planted with all other plants was “Himalayan Neem Nursery”, a nursery which will cater to the requirement of developing and nurturing Neem plants for their free distribution. The Himalayan Neem Nursery wishes to distribute about 2000 plants every year in schools and colleges, private clubs, social and cheritable organizations.

With observance of this Purashcharana, I feel an expansion within as the whole city has become my dwelling place. As I drive through the city now, the places make me feel connected and people, familiar and friendly.

Some Notes

The Neem plant Azadirachta indica)( ) has been selected for its varied health benefits, as every part of this plant is useful in one way or the other and it is known that the plant can cure about forty different diseases. Recently the United Nations Environment Programme mentioned the “Indian Neem” as Nature’s Drugstore. Read the article:

In Guru Granth Sahib, Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave words to the wonderful aarti (prayer) which is being hummed by Nature before the invisible altar of God, the creator of this universe:

Kaisi aarti hoye Bhav khandna teri aarti - - What a beautiful worship is this, O Destroyer of fear !
Gagan mein thaal rav chand dipak bane - -  In the bowl of the sky, the sun and moon are the lamps;
Tarika mandal janak moti                            - -  The stars in the constellation are the pearls;
Dhoop malyanlo pavan chavro kare        - - The fragrance of sandalwood is the incense, the wind is the fan;
Sagal banray phulant joti.              - - All the vegetation is flowers offered to you, O Luminuous Lord !

Guru Nanak Sahib says All that is going on in this universe is His Sadhana, (His worship). We have to associate ourselves as Sadhaka (devotee) and then volunteer to become a Sadhan (means) so as to partake in this ever reverberating Sadhana (worship of The Creator).

I reverently bow at Swamiji’s blessed feet that he gave us an opportunity to plant the sapling of our own being, nurture ourselves as a gardener, grow like a tree and finally, ripen to fruition.

In humble gratitude,
Sunil Trikha
Himalayan Yoga Meditation Association of Ludhiana.

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