Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi


by Bryan Stenlund

perhaps a primordial flash -- in no time.
We are born of silence
We sit with each other
    our mantras,
        our gurus.
We still the outer world senses
Enter this transcendental vehicle of no sound and remain --------
Flutters surface -- ripples - sometimes waves, then back to silence.
This is not a retreat to silence It is not a silent retreat.  
More so crossing the river of thought to its original source, wherein lies an experience.

Perpetual reality without words to define.
Emotions may emerge from the joy of it all.
Tears of such fundamental crying to say
Hello again to an old friend - hiding-
Waiting to be rediscovered –
In a flash an instant of completeness fills atomic spaces of light years travel.
We leave behind purpose, determination and will  for a moment of existence
Where all expansions and contractions simultaneously pronounce our mantras
We helplessly and willingly sing out from our hearts.
Cognition is shattered, consciousness lies within us awake - unfettered –
Looking back at Us.
We are re-defined
And when we open our  physical eyes once again, We remain  silent within.

That thou art
I am that

Tat twam asi