Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi
  AHYMSIN Newsletter, Issue - September 2012  

Contemplative Walking by the Ocean


Wave Walking

by Stephen Parker (Stoma)

© 2012

Blue green swell
rising in inhalation
tips over, the left foot
preparing to break,
the foaming crown exhaling forward
left toes touch the ground.

Tumbling into the trough,
the weight of ocean body
tides forward, toe to heel,
gathering in breath again
right foot rises to a crest,
curls and tumbles,
syandana 1, saundarya 2,
to the next toe touch.

Anchored in azure,
the wave tumbles
toe to heel again,
tides over and over,
wave and breath,
rise and break,
breath and wave,
toe to heel.

Some pass by,
getting somewhere.
An ocean, every where,
where is there to go?
One cannot go
faster than
a wave,
faster than
the breath.


Contemplative Walking on Lobelia Playa, San Cristobal, Galapagos, Ecuador, 8 August 2012

1. A Sanskrit word (syandana) : flowing.
2. A Sanskrit word (saundarya): Beauty.



Oceanic Breath

by Dhimati (Elizabeth Procter)

A thunderous roar,
Of white capped waves
Rise and fall
How wise is nature in her flow

As gentle as the waves that roll
I take a mighty breath.
Then right foot upward flows, heel then toes,
Atop a wave in its unison of flow.

And pour over its crest,
Propelling my right foot forward;
In perfect symmetry
toes then heel, upon the sand
Breath does flow - one motion.

To repeat
Toes then heel upon the sand
And yet,
Without respite left heel rises;
In tune,
with the wave of breath.
And there is perfection in that flow.
As down my left foot goes.
Step after step . . . after step
Heel toe . . . toe heel

The whole of nature’s mighty power,
Resounds upon the ears.
To touch upon golden sands.
And in that hour
Such wild magnificent energy.

Conjures one saying
How flawless is the breath of nature,
In human microcosmic flow

Santosha here,
In that perfection of symmetry.
The cosmos knows;
This flow, one life,
An ocean expunging expanding
It’s breath a
Momentum on the crest of waves.
Wave after wave . . . after wave
As all rise to tumble.
In ceaseless recurrence.

Life is every where, yet no where
On contemplative walking,
In contemplation
I am.
And therefore – I live.
Just a parsec in flow.

Editor’s Note:

These poets were inspired during the recent retreat in Galapagos, Ecuador.

Photos by Stephen Parker (Stoma)

"Wave Walking" © 2012, Stephen Parker