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Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International
“Love, Serve, Remember” — Swami Rama


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This is the September AHYMSIN newsletter.

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September 29th is our full moon meditation day. Enjoy!

“When all sit together at the same time even in different parts of the world, they connect to the Universal Guru mind and generate a strong field, like so many magnets being joined together and forming a much stronger magnet; the strength of each then equals the combined strength of all.” – Swami Veda Bharati

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  1. Sadhana in Applied Spirituality by Swami Veda Bharati
  2. Breath by Wolfgang Bischoff
  3. Purifying One’s Emotion with Yoga Asana by Ashutosh Sharma
  4. Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Shibir by Dr. Shirin Venkat
  5. Potential of Your True Nature by Marylou Nunamaker
  6. How fortunate are we by Joan Anundson-Ah
  7. Home Study in HYT-TTP by Maryon Maass
  8. Personal Retreats and Residential Programs
  9. Silence Retreat in Northern California
  10. Yoga Nidra for Making Mother’s Day Cards by Sopa Tamachotipong
  11. Contemplative Walking by the Ocean
  12. Something Swamiji Said

Our next edition is planned for end of October or middle of November (due to travel plans).

Pictures and articles of the wonderful events in Ecuador and Burkina Faso will appear in a future newsletter.

We continue to encourage you to please register in Swami Veda’s database at this link: It will really help us and Swami Veda to keep in contact with you directly.

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Yours in service,

 — Ahymsin Office