AHYMSIN newsletter, issue - June 2011  

Emergency in the Cowshed!

by Dr. Shirin Venkat

Prarabdha  (KARMA that cannot be altered) follows you wherever you go! Being an Obstetrician I tried to escape from my patients and ran away to my Guru‘s Ashram, Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama. But guess what? The mother of all mothers Gomata (beloved Cow) was in trouble , she had delivered a female calf and had pushed the baby bag out too!

Personally I had never seen anything like this. A large 20 kilogram watermelon turned inside out lay beside her tail. Large rounded bodies (cotyledons) were covered with membranes, these were removed. Two very capable Vets drove into the area on their mo-bike. I felt assured. Dr. Satish drew up 4ml of adrenaline (enough to kill 4 humans ) and injected it locally to reduce blood loss and shrink the mass. An epidural was given in the coccygeal space. Then we rubbed ice over the swelling to reduce the size. The three of us struggled; one held the mass, the others tried slowly, to push the vaginal sleeve in. Two or three young Yogis held the cow and also tried to help push the mass. We were almost half way through when the cow gave a huge push and it was all out again! This occurred 2-3 times! The chief Vet Dr. Joshi had ankylosing spondilitis,  yet he struggled. Being the most experienced, he hit on another plan.  This time he decided to put the external most part in first; this is known as the fundus. Sugar was sprinkled over the mass for its hygroscopic effect, and we waited more to recover than anything else.

This time we called Baba (Swami Rama) to help us help the poor cow! I had started to feel desperate. It had been over 2 hours! We were all near exhaustion. The chief vet held the fundus and he pushed his entire fist in and with all our skill we slowly slid the adjoining areas in. A good 15-20 minutes later with careful pushing we actually, actually managed it! Jai Gurudev! Then we took 2-3 sutures in the vulva with a needle as thick as a pen. We quickly milked the cow to release the hormone (oxytocin) which would help contract the uterus. Then we pushed and prodded to help the cow stand, so gravity could keep the uterus in place. The calf quickly latched on and ALL IS WELL!

Talk of emergencies in Obstetrics a branch full of tricks!!

Editor’s note: Dr. Shirin Venkat, MD> FRCOG FICOG, is an obstetrician and gynecologist.  She and Dr. Manju Talekar also act as the Managing Directors of Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama.