AHYMSIN newsletter, issue - June 2011  

Inspiring Israel- Being Inspired

by Swami Nityamuktananda

Born in Germany and having been through the de-nazification indoctrination of German children immediately after the war, I was filled with an irrational mixture of guilt and fear, when I was invited to go to Israel. Time to face a deep, even collective samskara!!

To my surprise, the security forces before entering the country were very friendly. We even joked together. My anxiety dispersed in a few minutes. In fact, I was received with much love and respect everywhere.

My hosts were deeply involved in the Yoga world of Israel and had arranged for meet- to- meet with many people. I first shared in a Yoga studio way out in the country thoughts about asana practice and their place in Sadhana, and to my surprise it was not only well attended, but people were so open and willing to enter ‘conversation’, which soon turned to exploring chittta prasadanam and the motto of our tradition: Love, Serve and Remember. The core of the group was a beautiful kindred soul – who later invited us for celebrating the Shabbat in the traditional Jewish household.

Next I met the core and head of the Israeli Yoga Association and her students; talking about the Five Elements, the focus soon turned bringing balance and harmony to ourselves and others, creating a ‘beautiful mind’, opening to understanding oneself-and others.

Then came the Big Annual Yoga Congress, in a Kibbutz – a huge hall, so many people! Talking about the Yoga Sutras for several long sessions again became a sharing about Ahimsa and how to understand, cultivate and re-educate one’s mind. It was such deep sharing with so many people, that one day, after the two hour session, the sharing went on in the shade, under the ‘proverbial tree’ for another three hours! Such was the inspiration and enthusiasm of the people, some of whom had even read some of Swami Rama’s books.

The next topic was “Love”, again talking in a packed studio, where there was lively interaction with people, students of all ages, different cultural backgrounds – united in a deep quest for peace and understanding, which was amazing. Again the focus came to: Love Serve and Remember – a young woman wrote afterwards ‘am grateful to come across a being who speaks beyond the words I hear. Thank you for sharing a piece in the path.’ This comment shows how deep people’s involvement was! – And moreover how the lineage works through us, making all this possible.

From the beginning on, people seemed to follow from one venue to the next; it was wonderful to be touching the world of such inspired earnest, open sadhakas. There was no dearth of invitation to continue; i.e. to come back ‘asap’.

Of course there were many informal gatherings, sharing with all sorts of wonderful people, in beautiful restaurants by a blue sea and while I was shown some of the beautiful sights: Cesarea, Jaffa – and Jerusalem. (Jews, Arab and German, side by side at the Wailing Wall!)

I bow to the lineage, by whose grace these wonderful encounters could take place. May SHE bless the sadhakas of Israel.

Swami Veda writes:

Blessed Swami Nitya
You are going where no one of our AHYMSIN and SRSG has gone before.

Love and blessings -- swami veda